Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shaving Pubic Hair

Women, for new trends, make their bodies beautiful and clean. One of the trends is shaving pubic hair has become very popular. This trend is prevalent among young women. This article will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of shaving pubic hair.

Shaving pubic hair is one of the best ways to eliminate unwanted hair in your pubic area. Some people prefer to leave it untouched, thus resulting in some problems. For this reason: it is good that you are keen on knowing the advantages and disadvantages of shaving pubic hair.

The Surprising Benefits of Having Pubic Hair?

While in the past it was something to be ashamed of, these days, celebs are making their body hair a work of art while helping brands represent realistic grooming habits.

“It utilized to live that porn celebrity and swimsuit samples stood the best ones coifing their vaginas,” states Dr. Ross, “but now regular women in America consider trimming their pubic hair.

As part of their monthly beauty prep, along with things like eyebrow tweezing and getting tinted brows, a well-groomed bush has become more like a bathing suit than a bikini wax.”

But still, it begs the question: does having hair down there make any difference other than the visual aesthetics? Is it merely decorative? Or are there benefits to your health? We talked to a virtual meeting of ob-gyns to examine the pros (and potential cons) of rocking pubic hair.

Why do we have pubic hair?

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According to board-certified ob-gyn Jacqueline M. Walters, MD, pubic hair serves many purposes. It provides a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, protects against bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and is the visible result that long-awaited adolescent hormones have kicked in.

There are quite a few benefits to having pubic hair as well. It’s true. For example, it can serve to regulate body temperature. But more so than that, Dr. Alyssa Dweck of Mount Sinai Hospital explains that “[pubic hair] traps pheromone scent from our natural perspiration for sexual attraction and partner attractiveness” – who knew?

Other benefits? “These include – but are not limited to – the fact that pubic hair absorbs sweat and reduces chafing when you bend over; it keeps our genitals warm and may even have a pH-balancing effect, and it’s perfect cushion during bicycling (and other forms of exercise) and day-to-day public actions.”

What are the ways to style pubic hair?

If you’re still on the fence about continuing your waxing regimen, consider this: There is no medical downside to letting it all grow out. Letting your pubes grow without any grooming attention could mean no more risks associated with ingrown hairs or skin irritation.

While there isn’t a golden standard for grooming your pubic hair, keeping it clean, whatever style you choose, is essential. For example, be sure to shave before stepping into the shower.

The water will activate your follicles and make them easier to cut. Plus, using a shaving cream/gel (such as one) this one) rather than soap will create a slicker surface while also making you smell fresher!

Speaking of that kind of scent… If you’re not ready for a complete shave or do not want something extra rough like stubble, consider creating your landing strip by clipping those hairs with one of these nifty trimmers while keeping the rest a bit longer and tidier.

“Keeping a full-grown bush clean during menstruation or while exercising, for example, is more challenging than trimming some excess hair to maintain hygiene,” says Dr. Dweck. Dr. Ross suggests giving your pubic area weekly washes with soap and water.

“Dr. Fahimeh Sasan is a board-certified gynecologist, a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and an associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai Hospital. She’s been practising medicine for over 20 years, including more than five years as Director of a busy obstetrical practice in Chicago.

What is the difference between female pubic hair and body hair?

Before fully comprehending the differences between the hair that can be seen on different body parts, one needs to know what hair types grow on every human being.

First is “Lanugo” hair, which grows during fetal development, and then disappears once a person is born.

Second, men and women both have vellus hair, which is fine, short, and light. Vellus hair covers the body except for places such as the backs of the ears, palms of your hands, or soles of your feet.

The third type of human hair is called terminal androgenic hair. These coarse, thick strands are replaced with vellus hair during puberty. Terminal androgenic hair can be found on your arms, hands, legs, face, and even pubic region!

Hairs in a cluster known as terminal hair grow on the head and body, with some also found in eyelashes. The length, colour, and thickness of terminal hair vary from person to person and are determined by one’s genes, most likely related to how fast or slow the body produces and grows new or old hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving female pubic hair:

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Everybody has pubic hair and lots of it. It grows from specialized glands called apocrine sweat glands that are not everywhere on the body, unlike armpit or scalp hair.

These glands produce a specific type of sweat-like liquid that creates the fat, waxy material from which your pubic hair is made. This substance also has scents, which make people’s bodies attractive to us. Hairy people smell better than non-hairy ones, on average!

Here are some advantages and disadvantages associated with waxing female pubic hair.


  • The social norm of shaving pubic hair for women is related to modern society’s current popular definition of beauty. Sometimes, women are pressured by their partners or spouses to remove their pubic hair if they wish to have healthy and clean private parts.
  • A soft and smooth vagina is a more inviting sight to behold.
  • Shaving results in a much cleaner appearance. If you want to look professional in your business, make sure you allow yourself enough time in the morning to take care of this type of thing.
  • Since the treatment of microblading does not involve any use of dyes, you can safely say goodbye to hair, sweat, and itchiness.
  • Pubic hair locks the sweaty smell of your mane between your thighs and produces a strong odour. So, shaving them eliminates that odour and makes you feel fresh.
  • Shaving is your opportunity to look stunning. You can wear anything from swimsuits to leggings without feeling self-conscious about imperfections!
  • Removing pubic hair makes for a smoother, more pleasant experience. In some cultures removing pubic hair is also believed to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
  • There are no hairs, and there is no chance of a germ attack.


  • Removing the safety guard puts you at greater risk of contracting a disease or getting an infection.
  • Pathogens and bacteria can cause UTIs, vaginitis, and yeast infections.
  • Shaving can make you irritable. If you irritate your skin, it may lead to skin problems like cellulitis and folliculitis.
  • Shaving is a necessary evil for most men when it comes to grooming, but with that unwanted hair comes a good chance of injury—one way or another. Cuts, burns, and rashes are the most common injuries that can occur during this process resulting in redness, bumps, and skin irritation.
  • Shaving pubic hair may seem like another grooming routine, but if you neglect it regularly, your hair will likely become dense and longer than expected.

Benefits of pubic hair female:

As we have mentioned earlier, these coarse pubic hairs exist for a reason. They provide women with surprising health benefits. Some of them are as follows;

Maintains the temperature of the genitals:

We all know that animals keep themselves warm with the help of their fur. Well, at least we had trains to keep us warm when we were kids!

Hair is one of nature’s leading ways to maintain temperature. Many people worldwide believe pubic hair helps increase libido and protects them from diseases by ensuring microbes, parasites, and other entities cannot easily reach the vaginal opening.

It prevents skin rubbing and acts as a buffer:

Pubic hair cushions the skin from rubbing against itself or another during sexual activity. This barrier also serves as a padded floor so one can sit comfortably on the smooth surface.

Attract even powers due to pheromones:

Pheromones are chemicals that provide the body with a scent. They are incredibly intense in the area between reproductive organs, and those who smell it believe it is the most robust sense of love.

People believe that the body produces pheromones, and their smell can be sexually appealing to others.

May reduce the risk of getting an infection:

Your eyelashes are like pubic hair. They protect you and keep undesirables out of your eyes and off yours.

The pubic hair follicles produce an oil called sebum, which stops the microorganisms from reproducing, thus minimizing the risk of infections.

Side effects of pubic hair removal:

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Shaving your pubic is one thing, but it has side effects like shaving any other body part. You can do some things to soothe these irritations at home, but if they persist, you may have to consult the doctor for a resolution.

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The shaving of pubic hair is not just a simple hairstyle but can also serve as a way to clean your body from unwanted hair. If you want to know more about this, you can visit our site or our other blog article on the same topic: CheckShavers

In this article, we have discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of shaving pubic hair. It is up to you whether you want to shave your pubic hair. There are medical reasons for shaving pubic hair, such as avoiding pubic lice. You don’t need to shave your pubic hair, but it is a trend now. You can decide whether to shave it or not. THANK YOU!

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