10 Best Electric Razors For A Close Shave – Buying Guide 2022

There are numerous electric razors available in the market, some more expensive than others. The question is – why do people opt for electric razors over the good old manual razor. It appears that they are far better in terms of convenience and closeness. We will take a look at the different aspects of electric razors, the different options available, and the pros and cons of using them. In the process, we will also look at the different electric razors that are available for a close shave.

One of the main reasons why men avoid using a razor is because it doesn’t give a close enough shave. Once you go electric, you will never want to go back to a normal razor. This post looks at the best electric razors for a close shave.

1. Panasonic Arc5 Best Electric Razors For Close Shave

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Man’s electric shaver. Our team of highly talented engineers has created an innovative way to take on unwanted facial hair. With our new and improved Arc5 razor. You’ll be seeing a face-lift like no other.

This shaver can handle both dry and wet situations. It has a built-in popup detailer that allows for mustaches. beards. and sideburns. The shaver is waterproof and comes with an international converter so it can be used anywhere.

Panasonic flexible pivoting electric shaver head flexes automatically to fit the curves of your face, chin, neck, and jaw for a more comfortable shave. The built-in shaving sensor monitors beard density differences and adjusts cutting power as needed.

Panasonic is offering 14,000 cuts per minute with its motor (70,000 crosscutting actions per minute) making sure you always get a close shave.

10-Stage Battery indicator: The shaver’s 10-stage battery status monitor enables the user to know exactly the remaining battery life at a glance. Portable rechargeable and travel friendly.

When you apply the precision pop-up shaving trimmer. It is going to lock onto skin automatically and detail sideburns and mustaches to the exact length that you wish or trim down long beard hair before you shave. Simply swipe on the skin surface then lift the trimmer and when you release it locks onto the skin again.

This kit contains everything you need to achieve a perfect shave while on the go. It comes with a universal voltage dual-voltage (100v-240v) travel charger so you can use it anywhere in the world and at any voltage.

It also includes a USB chargeable travel razor which is suitable for both wet and dry use. The kit also includes a blade cartridge dispenser pack of five close-cut blades, ten skin conditioning cream sample packs each containing enough product for one application, and an anti-slip travel holster with three accessories. precision trimmer, mustache comb, and cleaning brush.

2. Philips Norelco 3800 Electric Razors For A Close Shave

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The Arc 5 offers five levels of shaving that respond to facial contours, enabling you to achieve a superior shave. Its independently moving cutting elements ensure a gentle shave for your face, neck, and décollete, even in hard-to-reach areas.

They adjust their collective angle by up to 30 degrees in 5 directions and float or pivot so as not to tug your skin. Compared with previous models, this shaver head maintains contact with the skin from the base of your neck or wherever you choose to start shaving towards your jawline and around it–even at the chin–for smooth results.

Get a convenient dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with gel or foam, even in the shower.

The comfort-cut blade system of the Arc 3 gives you a fresh, comfortable close shave. The rounded notch caps on this shaver shield 27 self-sharpening blades so that they remain rounded and smooth against your skin rather than at an angle for easy rinsing after the completion of each pass of shaving.

As a man. sometimes maintenance is one of our least favorite things to do. And when it comes to maintaining facial hair like our sideburns and mustache, there just doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do so. This product helps eliminate grooming as a hassle altogether by making the process as simple as possible whenever you’re pressed for time or running late for an important meeting for example.

Some days it can be not easy to reach a satisfying conclusion in life. For example, there are times when you try to solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle but don’t have the bottom layer quite right and so you wind up wasting all your time spinning that poorly constructed cube over and over. Or maybe you listen to some elevator music on YouTube which makes you drowsy instead of energized about running before work because it’s so boring.

Using the intuitive indicator on your device, you’ll be able to check your battery levels in 3 stages. You’ll also know when the battery is low charging and quick charging.

3. Philips Norelco 9000 Electric Razors For Close Shave

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Welcome to Philips Norelco’s best and most advanced shaving system: the Shaver 9000 Prestige. With this shaver, we have devised a way for you to enjoy the smoothest skin around town. Using our most advanced blades contouring technology and ergonomic design this shaver will give you the shaves that you’re bound to know as the smoothest in your town.

Our new Hyperflex Razor System softens and grooms your skin so that you can achieve a smoother shave without the risk of irritating it. The system comes with precision blades on an 8-direction contouring head that makes sure nothing escapes your razor’s view.

Give this shaver a go if you tend to grow thick and wild beards. This one will tell you when to go up or down on the hair as it’s being shaved allowing for better control and ultimately a more even shave.

Shaving is simple yet highly effective grooming and hygiene routine. Whether how you like to shave or how often will come down to individual preferences and needs. If you’re unsure try out various options and see what works best for you whether it be razors with different features shaving foams/gels etc.

The best cordless shaver on the market delivers 60 minutes of cordless shaving time with a premium LED numeric display. This top-notch Lithium-ion battery offers brand new freedom from messy cords that frustrate during use and have to be managed. With this revolutionary product, you can shave freely – without being tethered down by wires.

Philips 9000 Prestige Electric Razor will help you get a closer but still comfortable shave in record time. Once you use it. we promise that you won’t be able to go back to anything else. We feel proud to have our customers as friends and we promise to deliver top-notch products and services.

4. Philips HP6306 Best Electric Razors For Close Shave

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If you’re concerned about nick cuts and other skin irritations when shaving your legs try an electric shaver designed specifically with women in mind. Unlike some other brands that are too heavy or bulky to grip easily and may result in unwanted nicks and other injuries.

our lightweight shaver is sure to leave your skin silky smooth without any cuts so you can get ready for a day out casually with friends or dressed up for a special occasion without having to worry about what leg of yours attracts the most attention.

Shave dry for an easy morning routine or with gel for a close shave without any worry about nicks and cuts. Ladies, you can also wash your face with water since this epilator has hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials that cannot irritate your skin. You can always take it on the go with you because of its lightweight and compact design. It includes two AA batteries a travel cap and even a device cleaning brush.

Try this new soap with an anti-slip grip that’s made of premium ingredients like silky seaweed extracts aloe and chamomile!

For women, shaving can turn out to be an awkward and even painful experience as nicks, razor bumps and rashes can often accompany frequent hair removal. But with the F80 Arc4 Women’s Electric Shaver from Panasonic at hand.

you no longer have to worry about such annoying problems. Thanks to it being both a foil shaver and a linear motor unit for greater comfort and closer shaves respectively, impurities are gently removed from your leg area with great precision in just mere minutes.

This shaver is so small that it’s perfect for traveling with. It fits nicely in your luggage. You can get dressed without worrying about catching unexpected hairs too because this shaver is cordless and works without being plugged into an outlet although there is a charging station included just in case you happen to run out of power mid-shave.

5. Braun 5018S Best Electric Razors For a Close Shave

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An electric shaver that adapts to one’s facial contours, ensuring a close shave and can be cleaned. The easy-clean system delivers a fast and effortless cleaning routine.

Electric razor Li-Ion battery up to 3 weeks (6 shaves) of usage. 5 mint fast order for one shave.

The Series 5 shaver is the best choice for men whose facial contours change throughout the day. It adapts to your face with its 3 Flexible blades.

Keep your beard looking great with the Beard Grooming Kit which includes everything you need to achieve 21 different styles from light trimmed stubble up to a full thick man’s man beard.

The ergonomic handle enables an effortless shave by making it simple for the user to use with either hand and easily push down on the shaver in one direction.

Duracell batteries last an incredibly long time compared to other brands. This high-quality Duracell razor will save you tons of money throughout using it. We guarantee that our cheap price is unmatched when it comes to the quality and longevity of a product.

Shaves in three ways – either with foam gel or in the shower.

People can rely on our products to be long-lasting because we make them be durable.

6. Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 Electric Razors For a Close Shave

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ComfortCut Blades make it look like your face is gushing scalding hot lava! Rounded blade caps shield 27 self-sharpening blades to cut you right above skin level and gently glide over your skin allowing the kindling to catch fire.

Take care of your face. The less you have to worry about nicks and cuts in the morning, the easier you’ll feel after a long day at work. With heads that flex & float in 4 directions, our razor adjusts easily to the curves of your face for added comfort & protection.

How do you keep your mustache groomed? We’ve got the solution. The lime tweezer is a fun portable and lightweight pop-up trimmer for your facial hair.

The Flex and Float system allows the head to flex back and forth in multiple directions to help naturally follow the contours of your face. so it just glides over all those tricky curves you may have trouble with when shaving.

You can get up to 40 minutes of cordless shaving from a single charge. In other words, that’s about 13 shaves. Or you could plug it in for instant, continuous power.

The Philip Norelco men’s electric shaver is ready to go when you are – whether you need it for a quick weekday morning cleanup or to look sharp for a big night out. And unlike some competitors’ travel shavers, this one is actually powerful enough for more serious shaving jobs, whether you’re at the office or on vacation.

Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 provides a great way to give you a smooth consistent clean shave. With bulk blade refills and simple care features. it’s easy to maintain and offers great value.

7. Remington F5-5800 Electric Razors For A Close Shave

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The 3D pivoting head of this unit swivels to adjust to the shape of one’s own face. so users can custom-trim manes comfortably with a simple touch.

The flex neck allows the shaver to adjust and stay in close contact with the chin, jawline, and neck.

The portable battery is rechargeable and provides 60 minutes of cordless power.

Combining precise shaving tracking with powerful blades, the product’s pop-up trimmer is ideal for similar facial detailing.

Shave closely with Remington’s Intercept Technology. The three-stage system has the intercept tool for pre-trimming longer hair and two flexible foils for close shaves. The rechargeable battery delivers up to 60 minutes of cordless runtime and 80 minutes of quick charge in only 5 minutes. if you’re in a rush. In addition, these machines come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pop up Detail Trimmer for finishing touches on facial hair and sideburns. Do not use strong detergents or other chemical cleaners to clean the external battery-operated shaver. To clean, wash under the faucet with warm water. Charging time 60 minutes operating time: 1 hour 40 minutes.

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8. Braun Electric Series 3 Electric Razors For A Close Shave

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Braun’s iconic, award-winning design and simple, intuitive functionality have made it one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision razors. Recognized globally for quality and performance, Braun’s unique foil guard works as a protective second skin to help reduce nicks and cuts for a smooth shave.

Braun electric shavers all glide in straight, natural strokes to help you avoid irritating your face and the shaving heads are extra-wide so that the hairs stand no chance of escaping.

Braun adds sensors to their blades that sense when your skin has been reached, and retract the blades accordingly. For a safe shave with smooth skin after.

You can use the Series 3 ProSkin to shave with gel/foam or even under running water. This is a great feature deserving some recognition.

All Braun shavers are completely waterproof up to 5 meters. You can conveniently rinse them under running water for easy and hygienic cleaning by simply removing the shaving head.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4100 Operation: Charge the shaver for one hour. The unit will run for 45 minutes on a fully charged NiMH battery. The LED display will notify you when the battery needs to be recharged or replaced.

Braun Series3 Shavers provide a smooth and comfortable shave. With the new MicroComb technology, the Series 3 captures more hair for a faster shave. Even better is that unlike its predecessors Series3 Shavers are incredibly gentle on your skin. Plus this Series 3 Shaver can be used with or without shaving cream or foam – giving you even greater versatility when it comes to showering.

The ergonomic grip found on each model encourages secure handling; even when wet! And while they are ideal for either dry or wet use, Braun Series 3 shavers make premium gifts for those in need of a fresh look whether he is heading to the office in the morning or preparing to attend a social function at night.

9. Philips Norelco 7100 Electric Razors For A Close Shave

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Philips Norelco Shaver 7100 gently glides over your face while reducing skin irritation. Only Philips delivers ComfortGlide rings, a special coating that protects your face from unwanted burning sensations while shaving.

ComfortGlide rings are made of a special protective coating that glides against the face to reduce irritation.

With over 90,000 cutting motions performed by the blades every 60 seconds our proprietary Nano blade technology is built for a quick shaving experience with an ergonomic handle for your comfort.

Get a comfortable, convenient shave no matter whether you prefer shaving with foam or gel. Also, no matter if you prefer to shave in front of a mirror or better relax in the shower – Gillette can offer you the solution for your shivers.

Duracell’s Powermat is a powerful battery that can hold up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving- which means you’ll never need to bring the charging stand along with you while traveling.

Just place it on the portable charger in your luggage or attach it to the bag itself and you can enjoy shaving when abroad for 20 shaves. For those times when you forgot to charge your Powermat a 5-minute quick charge ensures that you can have one shave before leaving for your next destination.

10. Wahl 7339-300 Electric Razors For A Close Shave

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The shaver is rechargeable and has flexible magnetic blades. which results in its thin structure but durable usage while the rubber grip provides a firm hold without slipping away from your fingers. This electric shaver comes with a pop-up trimmer & a LED indicator that turns on just when you need it.

Long-Lasting Power – This durable electric razor features a NiMH battery with up to a 60-minute run time that is also rechargeable, which means no memory issues.

Wahl is the leading manufacturer of personal grooming products from hair clippers and trimmers to complete haircare packages not to mention a full range of precision-engineered beard kits. Unrivaled for quality and precision engineering, Wahl has been in the business for almost a century.

Whether to shape your goatee or achieve a finely sculpted skin fade. Wahl home haircutting products are available in a variety of styles to meet your grooming requirements.

The Wahl Bump-Free Rechargeable Shaver will give you a close, bump-free shave. Features: A built-in pop-up trimmer for edging detailing and touching up necklines. Hypoallergenic Titanium foils reduce irritation bump-free shaving technology delivers a blunt cut to whiskers at the skin’s surface to reduce ingrown hairs and Up to 60 minutes of run time.

Pop-up trimmers make little details like trimming sideburns even easier than before. These features are so convenient for a busy man on the go. This is because they save you time and keep your face looking great. No matter how well-groomed you’ve got you can still improve.


If you want a quick way to get your morning shave done without spending too much time or effort then you may want to consider getting an electric shaver. They’re simple devices that will handle all the hard work for you. which is why we’ve decided to compile everything you need to know about them in this handy guide. from how they work and how effective they really are to what you need to look out for if you want a quality product.

Wet Shavers:

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Older electric shavers were dry shavers, and this means you couldn’t use water or any foam around it. It’s bad news because your shaving cream will be useless in these situations. Of late, models available in the market become wet shavers. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting your shaving set wet during shave time.

But you should confirm this before buying one of these to prevent future problems with models which were previously dry shavers but changed into wet ones without changing their name.

Wet shavers are typically easier to maintain as well depending on the model and replacement parts are much more readily available than older products which require more effort to deal with like servos having multiple battery packs and a system for keeping them all charged up separately no less.

Corded & Cordless Models:

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Electric and traditional wet shavers are both great when it comes down to cleaning yourself up or even getting a professional look in case you’re going on a date. If I were you, however, I would opt for the wireless option. Many men’s grooming kits come with a variety of different creams, foams, and cleaning tools that need to be charged in addition to your shaver. In any case, they are all mess-free because there is no need for shaving cream with shaving tools but you don’t want your power cord snaking its way across the room either.


10 Best Electric Shaver For Woman Public Hair 3 edited

What is important to note is whether the shaver you are considering uses built-in rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries. Shaver which uses rechargeable batteries tends to be lighter and easier to handle since you just need to plug the power cable for 8-10 hours and you’re good for another two weeks.

Rechargeable batteries are more affordable, but they can add a little weight to your shaver. Carry appropriate coins should you ever find yourself in a position where you need new ones! But we recommend that if you decide on a rechargeable battery you choose one of the higher capacity units (when purchasing your electric shaver initially.)

Maintenance Of Blades:

Electric razors, what their name may imply, are easily usable by the average Joe in your neighborhood. As such, you will find that the cost of replacement blades is cheaper than that of most hand-held razor brands which have razor blades that have to be replaced on a monthly basis.

This is because electric razors have either multiple or single rotating blade heads that only require replacement after extensive use is shown. It’s an attractive option for someone concerned with cost as beyond its initial investment and charger, it’s likely this device will last through years of use.

Weight & Design:


Depending on the kind of shaver you prefer, charging may be done with a power cord while others require batteries like AA-sized ones. Check the weight of a shaver after picking one model at the store. Besides weight and size, your grip is another point to consider. All this information can help you find what you really need if you’re obsessive about things like these.

Some models have a fast-shaving mode that increases the pace at which the blades move, whereas other models have batteries with indicated levels. If you have suggestions on razors and whether we’ve left anything out, don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments section below.


We all want to look our best and one of the ways to do that is by having a close, clean shave. This post looks at the best electric razors for a close shave and outlines the pros and cons of using them. You’ll be surprised to see the different options available and we hope this information helps you make the right choice for your needs.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post on electric razors. We also hope that you found the information presented to be helpful as it is sometimes difficult to find an electric razor that is able to give a really close shave. If you have any further questions on electric razors, please contact us at _. Thank you for reading.

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