10 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck – Buying Guide

A sensitive neck is something that many of us have to deal with. It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing but it certainly affects our lives in one way or another. That is why it’s important to figure out the right electric shaver for sensitive necks.

Having a sensitive neck can make you dread shaving. After all, you just want to get rid of the stubble, not irritate your skin. This blog will look at the best electric shaver for sensitive neck and other areas.

let’s start!

1. Braun Series 9 9390cc Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

We’ll kick off this list with a foil razor, which is a bit odd considering that rotary razors are usually better when it comes to safety in trying to reduce the chances of getting any sort of razor burn. However, Series 9 is in a class of its own in that regard.

The next generation of the legendary Series 9000 is here with enhancements to the shaving head (9000s), battery life (7000 series), and wireless charging.

The most important addition is an extra shaving element, called a Direct & Cut trimmer that is specifically designed to capture longer hairs that grow in different directions.

The HyperLift & Cut technology (found also on the Series 7 range) gives the Series 9 a smoother, more carefree shave. It’s better at cutting anything with a flat-lying growth pattern, including hair on the neck.

Side note: The Series 9 has also been improved to remove tangling, enabling you to use this trimmer for longer periods. I’ve discovered that the older version is better suited to trimming beards, due to its efficient motor.

The Braun Series 9 has a built-in thermometer that reads the density of your stubble to customize shaving time. Cooling sensofoil follows each follicle, smoothly and comfortably slicing each one beneath the foil.

This razor is said to be so effective that one barely feels it when shaving.

Nevertheless, if you decide to go for a wet or dry shave, Braun’s Clean & Renew station is an ideal product to purchase with your shaver’s package. It will keep both the blades and foil clean while lubricating the shaver. Dry cleaning can be challenging as the two aforementioned parts are joined together in one piece called a cassette that doesn’t offer the best possible access for cleaning.

The Series 9 has a two-year warranty and it costs £120 more than the Series 7. It offers Braun’s excellent Clean & Renews cleaning station, designed to sanitize and lubricate your shaver.

2. Philips Norelco Shaver 3800 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a close shave with this modern Philips shaver. Its five shaving elements move simultaneously in five directions, adapting to every facial contour and minimizing missed spots, while its dual-blade system first cuts hair to comfortably trim it even shorter before using a second blade to lift and cut flat-lying hairs.

Get wet or dry, the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide handle benefits both sensitive skin and rushed mornings.

A clean shave isn’t simply a means to an end. It should be a gentle process that does more for your skin than it does for the aesthetic sense. With round, self-sharpening blades, your razor can work comfortably with the contours of your skin, helping you glide smoothly and achieve the desired results without any additional discomfort on top of already prepped skin.

For a convenient and stylish way of looking after your facial hair, the Electric Shaver for Mustache is a great purchase. The electric trimmer comes with all of the gear necessary to keep up with both your mustache and sideburns. The pack includes an AC adapter charger, a travel pouch, a protective c, ap, and a cleaning brush.

Shave for 60 minutes from a 1-hour charge. The Phillips Norelco Body Groom 7100 has a powerful Li-ion battery that can give you about 20 shaves with one hour of charging, or 5 minutes of quick charge for one shave. This is perfect for any guy who hates shaving but loves the smooth feeling it provides!

Shave conveniently with the help of an ergonomic handle that’s been fashioned to keep your hand guarded against slipping, even when you’re in the shower.

This cordless shaver comes with a charging stand that can hold the device in place and keep it fully charged and ready to go at all times. When the lights on the stand turn red, it means that your razor is dead.

3. Philips Norelco S9000 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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Replace your dull physical blade razor with Philips Norelco’s Series 9000 Prestige for a close and comfortable shave. At less than an inch in diameter, the integrated skin guard on the wet & dry electric shaver allows it to glide smoothly over your face while leaving you with smooth skin within minutes.

NanoTech Blades are engineered to cut hair with the highest precision, delivering an extremely close shave at skin level. Over 5,000 nanoparticles confirm this durability.

Shaving your head can be tricky business. Everyone’s experience is different, however, most people feel as if they’re walking around feeling like a light breeze is constantly blowing on their scalp. To lessen the hassle and provide more protection for those heading back into the wild, we have applied a protective coating onto our SkinComfort rings whicallowws one’s razor to glide more easily over one’s skin.

Let one Adapt, Not Sacrifice. The BeardAdapt shaver adjusts itself to hair density 15 times per second (up to 1 million times in a single charge) and automatically adapts the shaver on its own accord for greater precision and less hair pulling.

The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery works with our 5-Blade cutting system to deliver the power of a corded men’s shaver without the hassle of a cord. The display lets you know exactly when your shaver needs to be charged again, so you can stay on top of your grooming routine. (Simply plug in the included charging cradle)

You need an electric shaver. Includes: Electric shaver, click-on precision trimmer, premium travel case, and power cord!

The premium travel case ensures there’s full protection of all Philips products while traveling. It perfectly matches the timeless elegance of the shaver and accessories within.

Finish your look with a SmartClick precision trimmer and you’ll always be in style. It’s ideal for maintaining any style like mustaches or trimming sideburns to just the right length.

4. Panasonic Arc5 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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The Panasonic five-blade shaver with foils is one of the best products you can find. It is made out of durable materials that are sure to last a long time and give you the shave you crave. Even though this product costs more than most other models, it provides features that make it worthwhile, such as water-resistant technology and skin-protection mechanisms. For a close shave without any cuts or nicks, review these great products from Panasonic!

An efficient, Hyper-performance Linear Motor directs 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute and drives individual men’s shaver blades through thick, dense hair with ease

Shave Sensor Technology: This advanced technology detects the density and growth of your beard so that the shaver can adjust to give you maximum comfort.

Wet/Dry Operation and Built-in Trimmer: With this product, men (Shaver For Pubic Hair) can now shave while they shower or quickly trim their beards to perfection without needing to even touch a razor.

Cleaning, Convenient and Portable: The Clean and Charge Station keeps the ES-LV95-S men’s razor clean and charged; the lithium-ion battery provides 40-min use on a single charge

The rotary blade function of our shaver lets you cut as close to whatever surface you are shaving as possible, which provides a much more personalized experience than electric razors.

Create your unique style with precision and control, Instantly engage the trimmer and take charge of edgy sharp, or clean lines to highlight your perfect facial hair.

The Panasonic ER-GB40-S is a wet and dry 40mm men’s beard trimmer that supports universal voltage, which means it’s safe to use in any country and comes equipped with a travel lock for added safety when traveling. It also has a convenient travel pouch designed to hold the trimmer and all its accessories.

5. Braun Series 7 790cc Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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The Series 7 is often favored over the top-end model, and some even consider it the best shaver range in terms of comfort and performance.

The Series 7 doesn’t come with the Direct & Cut Trimmer that the Series 9 comes with.

Men who have sensitive skin on their neck will find the shaver to be a great tool for an excellent shave with zero irritation because of its unique ability to get very close and through thicker hair.

The Series 7 is also priced lower than the Series 9. There are dry only and wet/dry models available in either 7865cc or 7965cc variations (like the newer 7851X).

You don’t want a Series 9. They do not include an automatic cleaning station, and that means you’re going to have to clean it by hand. That’s not the right picture at all.

You can get the 790cc for a reduced price compared to other Series 7 laptops thanks to the vendor’s popular pricing model, making it an appealing and practical solution.

Whether grooming your facial hair or shaving, the Series 7 Precision head enables you to target even the most neglected areas of your face – like nooks and crannies or spots under your nose.

The world’s only 4-action alcohol-based Clean & Charge station automatically lubricates, charges, and dries your shaver.

The state-of-the-art Li-ion battery never loses performance. Its S3 chip fully charges the battery takes less than an hour. The premium display indicates the remaining

6. Philips Norelco Shaver 7100 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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Philips Norelco Shaver 7300 has super lift and cut technology that lifts hair to cut comfortably closer and more comfortably below skin level. It gets as close to the skin like a blade without irritating your skin and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

ComfortGlide rings cushion your skin. The lubricated surface surrounds you with an invisible layer of protection that shields you from irritation.

Up to 90,000 cutting actions per minute ensure a close shave with fewer passes for more comfortable skin.

Stop shaving or cutting unwanted hair from your life because we’ve got a new solution for men’s grooming that allows you to go beyond the traditional dry shave or wet shave – probably even more relieving than taking a dip in the bathtub!

You can get up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving on one charge. That’s at least 20 shaves – and you can always spend five extra minutes getting your shave just right if you have a big meeting or date!

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro is the original: it shaves quicker than competitors and comes with a detachable head as well as a travel lock. Perfect your shave by pairing your shaver with the optional app.

Track the progress of your skin, personalize your shave and master your technique for a shave that’s as close as it is kind to skin (Tested vs Philips Norelco Series 3000). Handle: Its rubber grip makes the OneBlade Pro comfortable to maneuver around body curves.

7. Braun Series 5 5190cc Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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An alternative to the Series 7 is Series 5. This razor usually provides subscribers with an almost identical shaving experience and performance, but it’s available at a lower price.

You can also take a look at the most famous Series 7 here. The highlight of this bargain is the Naan bread machine 4 . What makes it unique is that it includes an automatic cleaning station so you won’t have to interact with the messy cleaning process once your cooking session is over.

Side by side, it would be very challenging to tell the difference between these two razors:

As a consequence, the real shaving routine is fairly equal. The Series 7 is a bit more refined and faster, but nothing dramatically better.

For a man with sensitive neck skin, the Philips Norelco Series 5 is a great choice. ​Although it will provide you a good shave if you have longer hair (a Philips Series 9 or the Prestigious would be better for this kind of hair length).

A razor designed to shave dry, with water, or in the shower up to 5 meters deep (15 feet). This device is recommended for those who would like a refreshing and smooth skin experience while also minimizing the effort required to complete their shaving routine.

A slide-out trimmer with interchangeable blade options allows you to create precise beards and sideburns.

The world’s first 3d action alcohol-based Clean&Charge station cleans, lubricates, and dries shaver hygienically. (Actually, this is a pretty badly written sentence anyway)

It only takes one hour to fully charge the battery, which will provide you with twenty minutes of running time. A digital display of your battery life is in three stages.

8. Philips Norelco Series 6000 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

The new Series 6000 from Philips is a superb rotary razor for shaving the neck. At such an affordable price and with all of its advanced features, we can consider it a more budget-friendly alternative to high-end razors such as the Prestige models.

I mentioned earlier during my review of the Series 6000 that the comfort was outstanding.

We studied the CovaCut CC1250, a model that happens to be very affordable and yet provides great cutting quality. It is recommended, in particular, if you’re having issues with older Cutwork devices:

As a result of these differences in shape and length, we noticed that both razors provided very good shaves. The Dorco was more aggressive at first and felt like it provided a closer shave, while the Gillette felt quite milder.

However, after several uses, we found that our shaves were nearly identical despite the initial difference in sharpness of the blades displayed on our faces when trying them out for the first time.

A number of our users have agreed that the Norelco 6900 is one of the best models. It has a reasonable price and also comes with a charging stand and beard trimmer.

Women with sensitive skin will appreciate the close shave provided by this product! With its gentle design and whimsical appeal, this shaver will provide a close, comfortable shave that is not harsh on delicate skin.

If you thought the Prestige would be a good fit but were put off by its hefty price tag, take a look at the Series 6000 which is a cheaper alternative to the Prestige with many of the same features!

9. Braun  3 310s Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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Braun Series 3 features three cutting elements which are pressure-sensitive for efficiency and comfort when shaving your skin.

With three different types of shaving elements, the shaver can provide a clean shave for any facial hair type. You can even use it in place of an electric razor!

Use with water, shaving cream, or gel to get a close shave and smoother skin. Plus, you can shave wet with no risk of nicks or cuts.

Two rows of carefully placed, evenly spaced grooves to help guide the beard for a smoother shave.

Braun Series 3 electric razor, protective cap, and smart plug for automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment.

Braun’s razor blades are pressure sensitive and automatically retract to protect your skin. Now you can experience a close shave, smooth skin, and a lasting effect for up to 5 days*.

Fully waterproof, which means you can conveniently rinse it for an easy and hygienic cleaning troubleshooting guide. Cleaning thoroughly kills germs, naturally. Rubbing alcohol also kills germs. They are not the same thing, so don’t use them interchangeably!

Series 3 shavers are rechargeable. A full charge can be achieved in one hour and will last approximately 45 minutes. To quickly charge a Series 3 shaver, it takes just 5 minutes and is enough to shave once.

As a top-notch shaving brand, we invest a lot of time and effort in the research and development of our products. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, from the grip on your razor handle to the amazing shave you get every time.

The Braun Series 3 rechargeable electric razor is engineered to provide both a smooth shaving and a comfortable experience. The 3-pressure sensitive shaving elements adapt perfectly to every facial contour and shave in intuitive straight lines. Containing the quality that Braun products are known for, this electric razor features a fully immersible design perfect for the shower and is made with a stainless steel precision trimmer blade.

10. Panasonic ARC3 Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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Panasonic’s three-blade foil shaver uses micro-thin outer blades that cut cleanly at the base where and when hairs begin to grow. This Panasonic shaver’s ultra-sharp cutting system catches and lifts hair in the most awkward places for a closer shave so you can shave less often, with the option of the pivoting head COSONIC VIBRATION cleaning mode.

Super-efficient, high-performance motor: A linear electromagnetic motor powers up to 39,000 cross-cutting actions per minute to drive men’s shaver blades through thick hair with ease.

The Braun Series 5 is designed to be extremely adaptive when it comes it follows the contours of your face. This shaver’s design is flexible to adjust itself in whatever way you need it to and iit’s bright red, the textured grip makes for easy handling even on slippery skin.

The shaver motor can change speeds based on your hair density so that you don’t end up with too many cuts because there was just not enough cutting power behind the unit.

Choose wet or dry. Trim with ease and convenience. Shave in or out of the shower whether you’re running low on time or trying to enjoy a relaxing moment at home.

As a man of today, do you like being able to choose how you want your morning routine to unfold? What if we were to tell you that now you can take back control of your morning ritual with the Philips Norelco Shaver 3100. You’ll be able to spend less time in the bathroom and more time on other things in your life! So make sure you get it today because they’re going fast!

Buying Guide On Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

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Whether you’re buying your first electric shaver or upgrading from an older model, navigating between the vast array of makes and models available can be confusing. Though accomplish panic – our electric shaver 101 is here to assist you to decide which parts are numerous essential to you and assist you to narrow down your options.

Electric razors come in either rotary or foil heads, with wet & dry options and there are mains-powered options as well as some that need to be charged up before use. This guide will help you find the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.

Our expert team is on hand to help you find your perfect electric shaver. Get in touch with us today!


There are a few big players in the electric shaving market, such as Philips and Braun. We’re proud to offer the best selection of these products available on the internet, along with trusted and reputable brands such as Panasonic and Remington.

Men generally prefer one shaver brand over the other and this tends to be down to personal preference. In general, however, when it comes to rotary shavers Philips is generally regarded as the market leader, whereas Braun tends to be the key player for foil shavers.

Foil Vs Rotary:

Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck

Electric shavers fall into one of two categories; rotary and foil. A rotary shaver has three circular blades that spin inside a protective cage. As the blades spin in various directions, your whiskers are repeatedly caught and neatly sliced off by the cutting devices.

These work best on short, coarse beards and are generally favored by men with heavier facial hair who don’t want to spend much more time shaving than they have to. This type of shave tends to cut out a lot of fussiness when shaving; it’s down to simply holding the machine and essentially steering it over your skin as opposed to maneuvering it across your face as you might do with a foil model.

A rotary shaver has three or four round heads which move easily in a circular motion around your features. Cutters spin below the heads as they move over the face, cutting the hair. A rotary shaver suits men who have slightly longer stubble but do not wish to shave every day. A rotary shaver is also more effective on men with an average beard density and tougher skin.


markus winkler tzfD clzUTU unsplash min

Electric shavers can have different methods of operation. They may be powered by mains electricity, rechargeable batteries, or can run on power stored in built-up tension. Usually, how the shaver operates will depend on how you live your life.

For example, if you quote ‘on the move’, a rechargeable shaver may well be your best bet because it is convenient to use and allows you to shave just about anywhere at any time. However some people don’t get as much change from their pocket as they’d like, so they tend to go for battery-operated shavers instead because they are by far cheaper than rechargeable ones.

This might be a great option for somebody who travels a lot (although keep in mind more frequent shaving will equal shorter battery life). There are also travel-sized electric razors available that operate on built-up tensions and need no power source at all!


10 Best Electric Shavers For Black Mans Head 1

Price points for electric shavers vary widely, with a quality electric shaver costing anywhere from £50 to £300 or more. Although you’re going to want to go for the best you can afford.

It’s important to remember that there are quite a few capable options in all price ranges and that it’s smart to consider your budget as opposed to trying to save a bit of money on a cheaper model without skimping too much on the features.

Don’t forget about the costs associated with spare parts and replacement blades. Ensure that these expenses don’t exceed what can be reasonably considered part of your overall budget.

Ready to get started? Check out our best electric shavers; we’ve put together a handy list of the best-selling models in popular price brackets. This is a great way to ensure you’re focusing on just the models that other people have considered best at each price range!

Every shaver is different, but there are a few things that apply to all of them. The best way to have a close and comfortable shave every time is to choose a quality shaver and follow the instructions, look after it and persevere.

It’s important not to expect not to get cuts the first few weeks when you switch your hair removal routine because your skin adapts slowly so persevere and be patient. If you find yourself uncomfortable using any grooming product (including a razor), we encourage our customers to contact us directly so that we can resolve all issues as quickly as possible under our returns policy if necessary!

Wet Vs Dry:

Another key decision is wet or dry shaving. Interestingly enough, men are starting to avoid shavers that require them to put shaving gel on the face, which is what many people associate with wet shaving. Nowadays, electric shavers are designed to be used either dry or wet with some water added. Some of these products can even be used in the shower, though you probably don’t want to submerge them for too long. The best technology comes from Panasonic.

Before taking your shaver into a bath or shower, always make sure that your product is suitable for such environments to avoid damage to it.


We hope that our article on a Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Neck helped you. As we discussed, it’s important to find the right shaver (Eyebrows) and technique for your personal needs. We hope you can now shave the way you want to, and not have to worry about sensitive skin. If you include any other queries, please accomplish pause to get us!

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