10 Best Electric Shaver for Whole Body – Buying Guides 2022

Most people are not familiar with this term. But they have indeed seen them, especially if they are frequent flyers. Maybe you have wondered what these devices were as well. You can think of them as an upgraded version of the electric shavers you use to shave your face.

In recent times the design and functionality of electric shavers are improved significantly. This improvement made the electric shavers move to a more advanced level. You will get many benefits if you use an electric shaver for the whole body, as it will give you a clean, smooth, and great shave.

How Many Times Have You Heard About The Benefits Of Using an Electric Shaver For the Whole Body? If You’ve Never Used One Before, Then It’s Time For You To Learn About The Benefits Of Using the Best Electric Shaver for the Whole Body.

1. KEMEI 2M_KM-355 for Best Electric Shaver for Whole Body.

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The shaver comes with a precision blade and three shaving heads. The whole body of the shaver is washable, and you can also opt to have a quick dry shave or a more comfortable wet shave with gel or foam – even under the shower for an incredibly smooth skin experience. Fully charged, this shaver gives you 100 minutes of close shaving time.

When charging, unplug the shaver. Never use it when plugged in. To be able to set the device turns off the switch, and never use this razor when its shaving head is damaged as it might hurt you.

We will provide you with a full refund if you are unsatisfied with our product for any reason within 90 days of purchase. We also offer a 1-year worry-free warranty. If anyone from the company cannot solve your problem, we will give you an even better deal, or let you have double your money back.

One of the best solutions for this type of situation (WHOLE BODY) would be getting a Waterproof Rechargeable Wet and Dry Washable Shaver that is electric and can run for about 40 minutes after being charged for 1.5 hours. However, it claims to be waterproof. I do doubt that, so get some protection to be safe.

It has three security features: an LED light to illuminate dark areas under the chin or sideburns and nine different length settings. Hence, you get the exact look you want and a patented cleaning system that’s easy to clean if necessary.

2. Philips Norelco Shaver 5300

Philips Norelco Shaver 5300 will now deliver a powerful yet comfortable shave. With up to 90,000 cutting actions per minute and the Skin Protect blades, you can count on fewer passes for fewer nicks and cuts and more comfortable Skin.

The shaving surface glides along the curves of the face. Using our specially-shaped heads, you can have a dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with gel foam or in the shower. Enjoy optimal skin contact for a thorough and skin-friendly shave.

Do you want short hair or long hair? As much as it depends upon your choice, at least some part of this decision is influenced by the Philips Norelco Shaver 5300. This electric shaver features 75% more cutting elements than any predecessor and significantly improves over previous attempts in terms of comfort.

The Power Touch heads flex in three dimensions for complete skin contact, and if that wasn’t enough, an internal motor chops at an impressive rate of 10,000 strokes per minute, allowing every part of your face to be shaved with precision. Lastly, a built-in trimmer lets you get creative with facial hair. This Philips Norelco Shaver supports 14 languages, including English. French. German. Spanish. Italian. Japanese. Russian. Mandarin Chinese Simplified. Swedish and Portuguese. It has a charging stand that acts as an operational base for the product when charging (power cord sold separately).

3. Philips Norelco Shaver QP2630/70

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The Rechargeable One Blade Plus body can trim edges and shave any hair length. It’s a 2-blade system to create the most comfortable shave possible on your face and body. Includes one handle. 2 blades (1 for your face. 1 for your body), .4 stubble combs (for your face) + 1 body comb (for your body). Protective cap.

When it comes to staying stylish, a perfect line is always imperative. That’s why it’s impressive, no matter where you are or even what style you’re going for. The Philips Norelco shaver has your back with its dual-sided Blade now offering up to 30% more comfort during use. Now there’s no excuse not to look your best.

One Blade doesn’t work as a traditional blade. Instead, it goes against the grain of your hair and shaves off any length of hair easily on your face or body. This means that the device is suitable for use in places other than the face (such as one’s body, for example), although it will take a little more time to reach certain spots.

Attach the skin guard to sensitive areas for extra protection and prevent chafing.

One Blade is made to respect the natural contours of your face. This allows you to trim and shave all areas of your face in a practical, comfortable manner.

The dual-sided Blade lets you trim, shape, and style your beard any way you want, leaving you with a neat look. Distribute the product evenly into both hands and apply it to the beard evenly without overusing the product.

The blades are designed to perform well. For optimal performance, you’ll need to change the blades every two months (For the best shaving experience. Actual results may vary).

BATTERY TYPE Li-ion. Charge Time (h) 5. Standby Time (h) 60. Talk Time (min) 150. Music Playback Time (min) 180.

4.BaBylissPRO FXFS1 Shaver

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If you have sensitive or easily irritated Skin or a skin allergy, we advise conducting a test on your leg or arm before using the shaver.

Remove the protective foil and turn on the unit to start shaving. Use the shaver at a right angle while running the single-foil carefully over your Skin, face area, or other body parts you wish may be shaved. Tip: Generally, we recommend that you shave against the hair growth, as this is the best way to trim hair. Pull your Skin tight with your fingers before moving upwards towards areas such as your sideburns or chin to achieve optimum results.

Electric shavers can deeply penetrate the hair follicles, providing a sharp, comfortable, and excellent skincare experience. However, do not press too hard as it may cause irritation to the Skin and prevent smooth movement of the shaving head. It takes time for your Skin to adapt to an electric shaver. So please do not change these instruments in the initial period.

If the hair’s length is longer than 1/32, begin using a trimmer to cut the distance before using your shaver.

5. Micro Touch 36486 Shaver

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A great shave starts with a cleanly-shaven face. Shaving with the same old razors that cut your face and leave your Skin feeling like sandpaper can be challenging to achieve. That adage of giving a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him how to fish, and he’ll eat his whole life applies here. The Man Groomer Ultimate Pro won’t give you food, but it will give you the tools needed to make your delicious food in no time.

A shaver can be a helpful tool when it comes to removing unwanted hair. They come with a built-in light and a pivoting head, which helps the device get closer to harder-to-reach areas as it glides along your body smoothly.

Combs is an ideal grooming tool in that they help to sculpt facial hair any way you see fit. You can set the length accordingly. Combs can be used to style facial hair, groom body hair, or perhaps a combination of both, depending on your shaving needs.

This German stainless steel blade makes shaving your beard like a cake—no need for creams or goops – grip, glide, and slice.

It happens with many batteries because they eventually run out of juice, just like the one in your smoke detector or TV remote control. However, if you remember to bring backups, you can plug them in and keep going as if typical. Please don’t get caught hanging on too long waiting for your rechargeable batteries to finish their complete charge cycle. Otherwise, you’ll just be sitting around twiddling your thumbs, looking at a blank screen, or having a conversation with an empty room because we all want to make sure that this happens less often than it would if we didn’t prepare properly.

Trim, shape, and shave closely with Micro Touch Solo – a convenient portable body razor that does not require water or shaving cream. This rechargeable tool lasts 45 minutes of shaving use, benefits from being 100% waterproof, provides a comfortable micro-precision trimming experience and can be recharged with a USB cable. The travel-friendly design prevents burns and rashes, makes the runny mess problem disappear, and comes with an efficient battery that provides a constant power supply throughout all your grooming sessions.

6. Philips Norelco ‎ BG7040/42 Shaver

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The body groom’s three combs have been optimized for the back and shoulders. Chest. Abs. Underarms and arms. Switch quickly between trimming and shaving without changing attachments to experience the best of both worlds – or just the right length. The t-blade closely follows the body’s contours to minimize skin irritation above and below the neck.

Conveniently shave and trim below the neck. Easily switch between shaving and trimming, and adjust trim lengths without changing attachments.

With this trimmer. You can lock in 5 preset lengths from 1/8 – 7/16. It features an adjustable guard as well as self-sharpening steel blades.

The Norelco shaver head features a rounded tip that helps to prevent nicks. Cuts and skin irritation. It also captures every type of hair in a single stroke instantly.

The Every Charge 20v lithium-ion battery pack delivers maximum power for high-performance cutting and longer runtime than any other rechargeable battery. It fully charges in one hour and provides a runtime of up to 80 minutes on most tools. Lights indicate when the battery is low or fully charged for uninterrupted performance. Maximize runtime using the 1-hour charger rather than the included 2-hour charger for a full charge in one hour.

She trims but does not shave. Provides a comfortable and close result in or out of the shower. Rinse it clean when you’ve finished.

The rubber grip is spoon-shaped and designed to ensure optimal handling and better control of your toothbrush during moist or dehydrated benefits.

Keep your Body groom 7000 in tip-top shape by ensuring it’s clean and safe from harm. The Body groom 7100 comes with a fitted case and a replacement head, so traveling or stashing away won’t be an issue. This also makes for the perfect body groomer gift idea.

7. Philips Norelco  QP2520/90

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One Blade was designed to cut through the waves of your beard so you can achieve that flawless clean-cut look without all the fuss.

Rechargeable batteries are a great alternative when you need extra power with your products. Whether it is your television remote control or even your wireless mouse, we love gadgets that don’t necessarily need to be plugged into work.

One Blade is water-resistant, making it easy to clean. Just rinse it under the tap.

The replacement is easy and hassle-free. We ensure optimum performance every four months; hence it’s highly recommended that you replace the old part with a new one.

8. Remington WPG4050 Shaver For Women

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Grooming should be easy. And it is with the Remington Smooth & Silky 5-Piece Body and Bikini Groomer Kit. Keep Skin Fresh with the rotating exfoliator attachment. The dual-sided gentle trimmer easily removes unwanted hair in delicate areas, and the precision-edge detail trimmer is perfect for tight spots.

The trimmer creates cleanness. Smooth lines. as the hypoallergenic foil shaver helps to prevent irritation while giving your Skin silky soft results.

We at Braun are committed to ensuring your face gets the best shave possible. That’s why we devised this 100% hypoallergenic foil attachment that provides an ultra-close and comfortable shave without any effects associated with conventional electric shavers or similar devices.

The step-by-step guide will give you all the basics you need to start a fire, no matter where you are.

With a rotating exfoliator attachment, your Skin will be left rejuvenated and silky smooth. Not only does this attachment fight off ingrown hairs and razor burns, but it also aims to prevent future breakouts.

9. MANGROOMER 611-6 Shaver For Women

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The Flex Head Body Groomer is ideal for long hair, short hair, and everything in between, making it the groomer you have always wanted.

When dealing with the area beneath your arms or the hair on your chest, BB stomach, or groin, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t accidentally remove the hair altogether. If a guy gets a KA for grooming his nether regions, he may want to keep all of it intact.

This trimmer was created because men wanted to maintain their pubic hair without trimming as much of it as they would have below. However, one thing that some fellas noticed using this gadget is that they have to make sure not to go too low (close to the Skin), which can cause prickly razor burn around the perineum region.

This product makes grooming easy while saving time in the shower or out. It is waterproof with a powerful lithium runtime. We know you’re busy, so we made this maintenance-free grooming tool.

The charge indicator light alerts you when the body shaver is charging and fully charged. To properly use the shaver, turn it on and then pass it over the area to be shaved, taking care not to press down too hard while doing so. The razor uses Long Hair Technology, which allows the blades to cut long hairs and short stubble for a smooth finish.

Size does matter. Trimming the hedges makes the tree look more prominent, so you can easily make your yard look like a million bucks.

What’s Inside Lithium Max Plus Body Groomer bonus trimmer. Head. Power adapter. Cleaning brush. Charging cradle and care guide/manual in English. Spanish. French and German.

10. Braun SE9-720 Shaver For Women

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Get rid of hair faster and with less effort, thanks to the Micro-Grip technology. This innovation allows an epilator head that is 40% wider, making it more efficient in removing more hair on your first stroke.

When removing unwanted body hair is your goal, safety razors can work quite well. Try using the razor head made for sensitive areas, ideally. You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself.

You may also want to try using a shaver explicitly designed for these sensitive areas instead of tweezing or waxing.

It is now possible to get smooth and inviting Skin in very different areas, such as the knee and underarm, thanks to the Silk-Epil 9. The new device has been adapted to every contour to efficiently remove hair, even in hard-to-reach locations.

Don’t allow the pain associated with epilation to detract you from achieving silky smooth hairless legs. Use your hair removal device in the bath or shower every few weeks to alleviate discomfort and keep results consistently smooth.

The new Silk-épil 9 comes with a massage cap to help you relax so you can experience an extra gentle epilation.


At Recharge, we offer a wide range of products designed to suit customers’ needs, from first-timers to experienced users. Our friendly customer services experts are always happy to help, so whether you’re looking for a present for your partner or yourself, why not give us a call today?


Buying an electric shaver can be challenging. Men want a shaver that works competently and lasts long as well. Like any significant purchase, it’s worth setting a budget based on your personal needs and tastes and trying to stick to it. Rewriting content might seem tedious at first but in the long run. You will reap more rewards than the investment of time you made into it.

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Mobility with Electric Shavers:

A razor’s mobility is key to a smoother experience and, ultimately, a much more satisfying shave. Ideally, choosing a razor with a charging base or operating without wires would be best. This allows for maximum mobility, better results, and ease of use. Not only does this ensure an easy style-up.

But it can also be beneficial in certain social situations where face discomfort may arise. Simply complete specific you don’t ignore the charger. For maximum travel convenience, one may want to explore travel razors or disposable razors, which are affordable and easy to use.


Some men like to shave in the shower because moisture can soften whiskers making it easier to shave them. If you have sensitive Skin or acne, you might want to use your electric shaver with gels or shaving cream, which is why these models are called Wet/Dry.


Electric razors have different shapes and sizes. It would be best if you tried to look for one that is easy to hold because there may be different sizes available for you to choose from. There are models shaped like disposable razors that fit in most people’s hands quickly, but larger hands may not work with those.

So before buying a razor, make sure you test it out by trying it first. Make sure the razor will quickly reach all parts of your face or under your nose or chin if you want that done well.

Electric Shaver Replacement Blades:

Like traditional straight razors, electric shavers also need to be replaced. Over time, the foils in the heads of the electric razor will wear out and so should be replaced at least once a year.

When choosing which electric shaver to buy, inquire whether you can get extra foils so that you won’t have to spend so much on replacing them. These parts are more expensive than other replacement parts, but they are necessary to ensure that your razor works appropriately.


Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are interested in electric shavers for the whole body. With the help of the electric shaver, people can easily shave their bodies. There are also numerous explanations for why individuals need this electric shaver. The electric shaver is very beneficial for people who have sensitive Skin. The electric shaver is also suitable for people with a lot of hair. In addition, it is also ideal for people who are always busy.

We hope you have found this helpful and that you can now see the advantages of using electric shavers for your whole body. The next time you buy an electric shaver, We hope you’ll consider that you can use it for your entire body rather than just your face.

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