10 Best Facial Razor For Dermaplaning – Buying Guide 2022

Facial shaving is a common practice. While many dermatologists recommend it, not everyone knows the correct technique for using a facial razor. There are various brands of facial razors on the market today. It cannot be easy to find the best facial razor. This blog will help you to select the best facial razor for your skin. Best Facial Razor For Dermaplaning.

If you want to look younger, you must often exfoliate your skin. One of the best ways to exfoliate the skin is dermaplaning. This is when a professional uses a scalpel on your skin to remove old skin cells and other dirt. This blog looks at how to get rid of dead skin and why you might want to get rid of it.

What razor do you use for Dermaplaning?

Proper shaving techniques are probably essential in achieving a great shave, resulting in smooth and hair-free skin. And now there’s a new option to consider. Dr Kanchanapoomi Levin recommends these razors, which can be used for derma planning or brow shaping. One TODAY author who has used the device for years states she loves that they’re both cheap and comfortable to operate.


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Try to shave your peach fuzz off only to have it grow back as prickly in a matter of days. Then when you reach up to touch your skin, you feel like a weird porcupine who will never be smooth again. Dermaflash sees you and wants to relieve you of those pricklies to make your face and your entire life smoother, thanks to an extra layer of dead skin coming right off!

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Dermaflash’s ads while scrolling through Instagram or perhaps read articles about how Lizzo used the device before applying her Grammy look.

Shaving your face will leave you with soft baby skin. That’s because facial hair can catch and hold onto roughness-causing debris. While your shaving revs up epidermal turnover, the rest of your skin is left to bask in the glow of smoothness.

When it comes to skincare, one of the most important things to do is understand what you are getting yourself into. Skincare involves many steps, and there is a right way to go about it, depending on your individual needs and issues.

And even more so now that more people have become more aware of what happens when someone uses an exfoliation process like dermaplaning than ever before. Usually, dermaplaning can cost around $100 or so if you do it regularly (once every four weeks), but with at-home products coming out like the Dermaflash.

Some people may see this as a viable option for themselves over time. After seeing smooth faces on my social media feeds all the time, I decided to contact Dermaflash for a free sample. Here’s what I got.

2. Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo

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This next-generation non-vibrating facial exfoliator uses a combination of pre-soaked manual blades and new software technology. It allows absolute precision when it comes to exfoliating the face. This can help users by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.

Turning to professionals for help does not always mean trusting them with your heart. They will be working closely around your eyes and face. What if you become tired and lose your focus? The best outcome will be when you have non-vibrating dermaplaners that use precise control, just like the professionals – but a specific brand of electric shavers Swedish kind) is the only way to go.

Each package includes six replacement heads, one battery, and a dermaplane Glo Dermaplane. The dermaplane Glo Dermaplane is to provide you with an alternative treatment option that is affordable and easy to use to address common problems, such as thinning facial hair and dull skin.

Flawless Glo comes with a patented German/American design that makes you feel like you’ve just had an in-person consultation with professionals!

Static dermaplanes are the preferred tool for skin care professionals who believe precision is critical. Dermatologists often recommend that skincare professionals use the Dermalogica® Smart Profile and the Bootstrap® II static dermaplane. There is little to no risk of causing discomfort or injury when using a static device.

Remington dermaplaning kit comes with a safety guard to help protect the skin during your session. The sensitive head is ideal for moms who have just given birth and are experiencing sensitive, flaky scalp issues caused by milk production. This head also works well throughout all stages of pregnancy, as the head removes excess hair while it exfoliates away built-up dead cells.

3. Panasonic Facial Hair ES2113PC

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The Panasonic trimmer head pivots in all directions, following the natural contours of facial skin while still being able to trim very close and precisely!

Grooming: Use gentle strokes in the direction of hair growth. This razor is tipped with a hypoallergenic blade to trim areas such as your moustache or beard safely.

Additional eyebrow trimmer attachments: For more professional-looking brows, use the two precision snap-on eyebrow shaper comb attachments – Comb A (8 mm and 6 mm) end and Comb B (4mm and 2mm) lot.

Our facial trimmer has a sleek, stylish design that fits comfortably in either hand for total control and is lightweight. This item also easily fits into your beauty kit, bag or purse so you can trim your hair at the convenience of a moment’s notice.

Cordless and battery operated: The Panasonic shaver uses a single AAA battery, which consumers appreciate because it’s cheaper than rechargeable trimmer heads.

Use the Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women ES2113PC to quickly and comfortably remove unwanted hairs from your face, ears, and neck. Designed with a pivoting head, this clipper is specially crafted to follow the natural curves of your face for increased coverage and comfort. While hypoallergenic blades are designed to help prevent skin irritation and redness.

Two included eyebrow trimmer attachments are perfect for shaping eyebrows or trimming above the lip, nose, and ear hair, while a protective cap helps prevent skin slippage during use. Comfortable to hold in hand or store in a makeup pouch or purse when travelling, the Panasonic facial hair trimmer is ideal for keeping you lice-free at school or the office.

4. Panasonic Facial Hair ER-GM40-K 

Trim your facial hair efficiently: This one-of-a-kind trimmer has a built-in detail blade that gently glides across the skin. With just a few swipes, it effortlessly shapes and grooms even the finest of hairs so you can achieve exacting precision.

Round-edge blades are especially great for ageing and acne-prone skin: they cause minimal skin irritation, which is the best way to avoid the need to treat irritated skin with harsh chemicals.

This electric trimmer gently glides across your skin without pinching or pulling. Unlike standard trimmers, it flexes to fit the contours of your neck and face.

Use it on eyebrows: The comb attachments help you trim your eyebrow hair and keep you looking great. The included eyebrow cover protects eyelashes while you shape your eyebrows.

A waterproof, rechargeable shaver that is convenient for use inside and outside of the shower, this finely-tuned grooming tool offers a consistent trimmed appearance.

A portable design that is small enough to stay in a bag or even pocket, so it’s easy to travel with and take on-the-go

Shower with ease! Enjoy a stress-free shower with flexible, safely contoured side grips or suction cups that stick to the wall.

5. SPA SCIENCES SIMA Dermaplaning Tool 

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ATTENTION: An easy and effective way to enhance your appearance doesn’t include breaking the bank on expensive creams or Botox treatments. 3 IN ONE STIMULATOR AND BEAUTY TOOL – Features a 3-pointed stimulator and two different interchangeable attachments. Hair Removal, Face Cleansing, Facial Roller

FOR MORE NATURAL-LOOKING MAKEUP APPLICATION – Ideal for use in conjunction with a wet or dry electric razor, this facial hair removal body shaver, with its specially designed blades, offers a closer shave than some of the other products on the market. A convenient tool before you begin your makeover routine, it leaves you free to concentrate on other areas of your face besides just getting rid of stubble!

IN-HOME HAIR REMOVAL – One can avoid spending time and money at a salon by removing unwanted hair from their home instead. With SIMA’s inexpensive yet highly effective product line, you won’t have to worry about itchy armpits, underarms or awkward runways while shopping with loved ones or taking part in an interview. Stay a smooth and confident day or night because SIMA’s hair removal products are intended for use on all areas of the body.

Full Money-Back Guarantee: We want our customers to be delighted with their SIMA dermaplaning treatment products! So if you’re unhappy with the results, we offer a 180-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

6. Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Facial Exfoliator and Hair Remover, 4 Count

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The new Gold Standard in facial hair removal and exfoliation from Finishing Touch. From the world’s #1 facial hair remover for Women comes flawless touch™.

Safely remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells with this non-invasive exfoliation tool for instantly smoother, brighter skin. Designed to provide similar results to an in-office dermaplaning treatment, this at-home tool gently purifies skin of dead cell build-up and fine facial hair to reveal a bright and youthful-looking complexion.

By removing the surface layer of dead cells, dermaplaning allows products to soak thoroughly into the skin, boosting the efficacy of the serums and creams you already own. Now you can trust the flawless touch™ of dermaplane. Suitable for men or women of all ages.

Each package contains a total of 4 dermaplanes that are equipped with two long blades and two shorter precision grooming blades. Longer blades are recommended for cheeks, the neck, the chin, and other large areas. Smaller precision tools are excellent for particular grooming tasks like shaping sideburns or shaving hard-to-reach areas right near the nape of your neck.

Small, precision blades are best when treating smaller areas around your brow line. Wide-set blades should be used to minimize harm to larger areas like your chin or cheeks. Each knife comes with a cap keeping the edge always protected while in storage.

7. StackedSkincare – Dermaplaning Face

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SOFT & LUMINOUS SKIN!” – Decreases the appearance of dull, dry skin by safely removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells for an instantaneously smoother, more delicate, more luminous skin appearance and feel.

ULTRATECH SAFETY FEATURES – Innovative safety features in this stainless steel dermaplaning kit offer maximum blade surface contact while ensuring skin stays protected, allowing you to achieve the same professional treatment right there in your own home

COMFORTABLE CONTROL HANDLE – Elegantly crafted (though perhaps not designed?) with an ergonomic handle that is easy to hold and, therefore, safe when using the blade. The perfect weight allows the blade to glide gently on your skin with light strokes that remove fine hairs and infuse exfoliating elements directly into the skin, giving you a radiant look.

IMPROVES SERUMS – The brush head removes dead skin cells, leaving a fresh canvas for serums to absorb fully. The head is soft enough that it won’t require you to scrub hard or over-exfoliate, which can become irritating after prolonged use.

It also gently buffs away flaky and calloused areas of the skin that peeling may not be able to get as well so that any physical exfoliators will go deeper, giving you softer, fresher, more even results!

REPLACEABLE BLADES – Designed with the minimalist in mind, this simple yet innovative tool allows you to pop a new blade each month, replacing your regular use of disposable razors and waxing products that can easily be harmful to your skin.

8. Schick Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Wand

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Want a smoother, more radiant complexion with an easy, at-home alternative that benefits the look and feel of your skin? Discover how women everywhere have improved the appearance of their skin with the Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Tool that easily removes hair and delivers compatible surface exfoliation.

SMOOTHLY GLIDES OVER DELICATE SKIN — Our dermaplaning tool’s exfoliating edges are perfectly honed with micro-guards to prevent irritation and peach fuzz

The Silky Touch Kit includes everything you need to dermaplane at home. Its high-quality, durable design comes in rose-gold and is made of sleek, rose-gold metal with non-slip silicone grips for a secure hold while you exfoliate your face.

DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED and clinically proven, DERMAPLANING KIT has one dermaplaning tool and six exfoliating-edge dermaplaning blade refills for sale.

Peach fuzz and dead skin cells can make your skin dull-looking, but Schick Hydro Silk’s blade is here to help. The Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Tool immediately reveals your glowy, smooth skin by gently exfoliating and sweeping away fine hairs.

Feel the difference with our dermaplaning face razor’s exfoliating edges that smoothly glide over delicate facial skin. Reveal your glowing skin and discover these seven skin benefits of Schick dermaplaning.

9. Braun Mini Hair Remover

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A built-in brilliant light directs you towards the most delicate grain hair removal and takes care of even the finest peach fuzz.

Getting unwanted hair off your face is now an easy activity. With 89 per cent of the surface area covered by its rotary design, this facial hair remover effectively removes pesky hairs on places like the upper lips, chin, and cheeks.

Remove hair gently and safely with the rotary cutting system and the protective foil to ensure your skin’s comfort.

This facial hair remover smoothes your face and sets the stage for seamless makeup application. The quality steel blades and ergonomic design will give you fast and even results for all household razor needs!

Small sizing for portability as it perfectly fits inside your purse or handbag. Perfect for a quick application of colour when you’ve forgotten to put on lip gloss or when adding that splash of colour to instantly brighten your face up in photos.

The Mini Hair Remover is compact, and its shape makes it effortless to use. It feels great in the palm of your hand, and unlike other products on the market, you can take this one with you wherever you go!

Since 1960, the German company Braun has specialized in home appliances for beauty-care solutions. The Silk-épil 5 is an innovative device that makes removing facial hair of any length and thickness fast and straightforward. It’s perfect for special occasions when you want to look your best!

10. Conair Ladies Lithium Ion Precision

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Lithium battery trimmer: This personal trimmer removes unwanted hair from your facial, body, and bikini area. It includes a blade for full-face and body trimming, two eyebrow combs, and an attachment for removing nose/ear hair. The lithium battery comes included.

Customized Comfort: Satiny Smooth is your grooming product line, ensuring you’ll enjoy the results without irritation. The Satiny Smooth line of trimmers, shavers, and epilators from Conair can smooth your skin in ways you never imagined possible without using razor or wax strips.

Smooth Sailing: Conair shavers, hair removal tools, and trimmers are specifically designed for women so you can go forth confident that your skin is entirely smooth. If you’re looking to take your grooming kit on the go but don’t want to risk revealing body hair, get one of our specially made travel sets!

Conair: Innovative Grooming Tools: From hair and beard trimmers to shavers, epilators, and home haircut kits, Conair makes high-quality grooming tools for men and women. Their products are also found in many hotels worldwide.

① Personal care from Conair: our line of personal care products includes quality skincare tools like lighted mirrors, hairstyle kits, and designs for beards and moustaches. We’ve even got women’s shavers for your everyday needs! ② Our range of 2-in-1 hair/beard trimmers gives up the option to switch quickly from one to the other. ③ Add style to your daily routine with a new mirror or classic haircut kit at Conair.

Designed for women and loaded with features, this handy device is a hair-removing trimmer that can be conveniently used for the face, bikini area, legs, underarms, and other hard-to-reach areas.

It’s hypoallergenic and waterproof so that one can use it in the shower or bath. Powerful rotary blades with eight-length settings help it function as both a wet & dry shaver. Its long cord makes it easy to get around more significant regions, including the back, while its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go grooming.

Buying Guide On Best Facial Razor For Dermaplaning

Stainless Steel Blade:

10 Best Facial Razor For Dermaplaning 2

According to Dr Skotnicki, there are several ways that you can tell if a stainless steel razor is the best option for you. First, stainless steel razors are hygienic and won’t wear down nearly as quickly as other types. This makes them ideal for facial tools because they’re always sanitary.

Due to their rust resistance, stainless-steel razors would also be a good idea if one plans on cleaning their razor in water often. While it’s true that there is no known link between the metal used in shaving tools and the severity of one’s acne, this prediction may make some acne sufferers happier than others.

Reusable Handles:

One way to make sure you’re saving money is by buying razors with a reusable handle with replaceable blades, and having the option of changing out only the worn blades without purchasing a new razor every time will affect not just your finances.

But also the environment because there won’t be as much plastic waste, says Dr Skotnicki. You’ll also want to purchase replacement blades and use safe disposal methods for any used blades or other materials.

Good Grip:

10 Best Facial Razor For Dermaplaning 1 edited

What makes dermaplaning the best technique for exfoliating the face? According to Dr Skotnicki, it’s down to two aspects. Firstly, she says that “it’s a gentler exfoliation procedure than you can get by scrubbing your skin with chemicals or microbeads”. Secondly.

She adds that dermaplaning is doing more than sloughing off dead surface skin – it’s working a bit deeper too. We explored in our previous article how this process leads to smoother and healthier-looking skin and a youthful glow, but there are many benefits of this treatment – here are some of them.


What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the use of a blade to scrape away dead skin cells and peach fuzz your face or décolleté. It can be performed by an experienced professional at a clinic, but lately the idea of doing it yourself has become en vogue. Though the concept is not new, innovative tools for in-home dermaplaning are making DIY-dermaplaning a trendy way to maintain soft, smooth skin and remove facial hair for many women.

Is dermaplaning safe?

According to Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith, founders of The Clinic in Australia, the rare occurrence (albeit) occurrence of little nicks as part of doing dermaplaning for facial hair removal is not typically an issue when it comes down to people with acne-prone skin. This does not mean that there are no risks involved and one should only attempt dermaplaning if they feel that their acne may potentially be aggravated or irritated by such an action.

How often should you use a dermaplaning tool?

Before you decide to start looking into dermaplaning, consider how you will use it on a regular basis. As this is a very innovative kind of treatment, we don't see anywhere as frequently happening maybe once every month or two. Over-treating wouldn't be good for your skin at all.

you use a dermaplaning tool at home?

When it comes to at-home microdermabrasion, Dr. Skotnicki says it’s very important to use cleansing and sterilizing equipment before using any product that has the potential of being absorbed via the skin. 
All products used must be free of any chemicals capable of causing an adverse reaction after penetration into the skin. Any product being applied should also not contain ingredients that could be potentially harmful to topical application such as plant materials, alcohol or acetone (among others) which may severely irritate or even inflame the outer layer of skin.


We hope you enjoyed our little blog on facial shaving. Shaving your face can be a bit of a minefield, and it can be hard to know where to start. This blog tries to simplify the process and make it easier for you to start. We hope you found it helpful. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at _.

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