Can I Carry An Electric Shaver In Hand Luggage – Guide 2022

I do not recommend bringing an electric shaver in hand luggage unless you have more than one.

If you plan a trip, packing for it can be challenging. But handling the TSA is even more of one when you have to worry about whether or not your electric shaver is allowed in hand luggage. Depending on the model, many shavers will have small metal pieces inside them, which could cause issues for airport security.

This article will help you decide whether to take your electric shaver or not on a trip.

Will airlines let you carry on an electric shaver? Read this blog to find out the rules and regulations for carry-on baggage. Can I Carry An Electric Shaver In Hand Luggage?

What I Carry An Electric Shaver In Hand Luggage?

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You have booked a flight to the destination of your choice. Great, now it’s time to plan your packing. The most useful method is listing everything you’ll bring ahead of time, including an electric shaver.

These days, electric shavers are allowed in hand luggage, as long as they are stored neatly in a manner that does not take up much room – either packed together at the bottom of your case with your flat shoes or other items tightly packed together on top or placed into a dedicated clear bag. For example, it’s not usually an issue to carry disposable razors and shaving cream (whether for men or women).

According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), electric shavers can be brought on the plane, even in your hand luggage. They are allowed because they do not have blades with sharp points. The batteries are also allowed. Be careful that these items aren’t in your hand luggage: straight razors, knives, and hunting/fishing poles.

If you usually use a straight razor and are unsure about bringing an electric shaver, then perhaps you should try an electric shaver. You might enjoy how it works for you!

You can pack your razor in your checked luggage, but you may decide to take it in your carry-on and err on the side of caution.

If your Braun men’s shaver takes AAA batteries, you can still pack the batteries in your carry-on or restricted baggage. Just recall leaving the artillery out of the shaver so that it doesn’t accidentally depend on it while in transit and empty the batteries.

If you take your electric shaver with you, you should pack it securely to protect and preserve the machine. Place the plastic end cap on it regardless of whether or not you use it at home.

Foils and rotary heads are protected by a thin layer of plastic that protects them.

I always travel with an electric shaver. Find out why.

Are electric shavers allowed in hand luggage? Put your shaver in a travel pouch or zippered bag before packing it. This will also prevent injury to airport workers.

What do you carry in your hand luggage when you have an electric shaver?

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Proper Storage:

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It can be tricky to travel with an electric razor. They do not have sharp objects and should be carried as one would take knives and scissors, for example, inside a particular case or securely wrapped.

It’s also advisable to place this wrapped razor in a container that won’t move around so much. Otherwise, it will accidentally cut through the wrapping and cause damage to yourself or others.

Benefits of bringing an electric shaver:

  • Electric shavers are efficient. They can cut through hair quickly and effectively, unlike razors which might take a little longer to trim or shave an area or clean facial hair.
  • They carefully ensure their trimmers are cut at a specific level for the client’s look.
  • Ingrown beard hairs can become unsightly when they grow right below the surface of your skin – and much more painful too.

However, there are also negative factors:

  • Before using a new electric shaver, you should practice using it.
  • They can be loud.
  • Most electric razors are not waterproof and can break if used in the shower because it may make them short-circuit, so if you have the chance to take a shower on a plane, there is no issue with getting some actual shaving done.
  • When you buy an electric shaver, it’s essential to know how to properly store it so that it doesn’t get damaged during travel.

Keep your flight’s electric shaver separate from your other belongings when packing it. If sharp objects are in the same piece of luggage as your electric shaver, then pack those items separately in another area of the bag.

  • If you are also packing batteries that would power your electric shaver, replace old ones with new ones and store them in a durable plastic case or with TSA-friendly supplies. Do not pack loose batteries or place them inside checked baggage!
  • Suppose you are bringing a rechargeable battery on board a flight in any part of your luggage (whether it’s a cabin or hand luggage,) then make sure that they are not inside the case of your electric razor when travelling. Because there have been reported instances where these batteries may turn on without warning if moved by accident.

Travelling with small electronics can be dangerous, unlike travelling with liquids. Because of the many tips you’ve given us, we have decided it is best to buy these items as soon as possible.

  • If you bring a non-liquid item that is aerosol or it sprays in any way, this will be considered a liquid. The rules for liquids are 1. In addition to the bottle or container having no more than 3 oz of content, an additional clear plastic bag must also be utilized – opening only where necessary to expose cosmetic product – and finally, 2. Such a bag shall be quart-sized.
  • The traveller is allowed one clear plastic bag for their purchases.
  • These are not just shaving products; they’re specifically made for men! The Can label should mention that this shaving cream is for guys, and the product inside should come in a can with a sprayer.

Other Shaving Related Handy Information:

  • Electric razors take up extra weight in your pack. A more lightweight alternative would be a disposable razor.
  • Disposables are permitted in checked luggage. They are not allowed in your carry-on bag.
  • Razers with disposable heads are disabled on the whiteboard at all times.
  • Safety razors with removable blades are too large to be carried on, and this will include the edge. You can bring a safety razor, but the edge must remain in your checked luggage.
  • Packing for anything can sometimes be a hassle, but with the help of toiletries bags, you will know exactly where everything is and which bag it goes into. Let’s say you are packing your travel bag for a business trip. You want to ensure that you include all of your work-related items, such as your laptop and tablet – and don’t forget the gel or foam you need for shaving.
  • If travelling by airplane, you’ll need to put any liquids in a baggie that fits the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule. That includes any lotions or moisturizers you might use after shaving. So be sure to pack those items accordingly!


The answer is yes; you can carry an electric shaver in hand luggage when flying. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the size and type of shaver and any lithium batteries it may contain. Be sure to check with the airline before packing your shaver to avoid any potential problems at the airport.

Yes, you can carry an electric shaver in hand luggage when flying. Many people do it all the time! While there are some TSA guidelines to follow (like making sure the blades are properly stored), as long as you’re following those rules, you should have no problem bringing your shaver along with you on your next flight. So go ahead and pack that shaver — you’ll be glad you did when you land at your destination and need to look sharp for your meeting or date.

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