Can You Use Shaving Oil With An Electric Shaver – Guide 2022

This article will probably save you a few bucks and hours of shaving. It’s about the best way to shave with an electric razor.

In this post, we’ll tackle the question of whether or not you can use shaving oil with an electric shaver. We’ll take a look at how to use different types of oils and what their benefits are. Can You Use Shaving Oil With An Electric Shaver?

Shaving oil is a great way to make your shaving experience more pleasurable. When you apply it before you shave, the oil will help soften your hair and also provide lubrication for your razor. Please read this article to find out some of the benefits of shaving oil, and read about my own experiences with it!

Fortunately, this article will cover everything you need to know about using an electric shaver with your shaving oil. Keep reading to find out more!

Can You Use Shaving Oil With An Electric Shaver?

A good pre-shave oil: You might have made your own DIY electric razor pre-shave oil to make shaving trees easier, or you could choose a famous brand of pre-shave oil explicitly designed with electric razors in mind as well. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as the oil can help prevent scrapes, nicks, and cuts while shaving with an electric shaver.

What is pre-shave oil?

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A pre-shave oil, sometimes called shaving oil or grooming oil, is a product designed to be applied before shaving. The purpose of a pre-shave oil is to soften the hair and provide lubrication for the razor blade, making it easier to cut through the hair and reduce irritation.

Some pre-shave oils contain ingredients that temporarily condition the hair, making it softer and easier to shave. Other pre-shave oils mask the scent of a freshly shaved face, reducing blood flow to the area and helping prevent ingrown hairs. They are readily available at drugstores and many supermarkets.

With the right ingredients, your pre-shave oils can moisturize your skin, soften your facial hair and make shaving less painful.

How does it work?

Here arrives the numerous fascinating piece. I’ve noticed numerous assertions about how it assists with lubrication and that it eases the hair. Nevertheless, this is not how and why it functions.

It is essential to use a shaving cream that contains alkaline ingredients to make the hair feeble when using an oil.

In previous articles, we explained that oil would not be enough to soften the hair. It is housed in a cuticle that can only be destroyed by alkaline means, like those found in quality shaving creams.

One of the most important things to consider when you prepare your shaving kit is whether or not you will be using pre-shave oil.

What’s the catch, then? Well, a pre-shave oil helps to make your skin more supple, plump, and well-moisturized. Pre-shave oil will help you get a closer shave and make your skin more pliable.

Electric shavers help you get a closer, smoother shave and save your skin. This reduces irritation when shaving. Dry, flaky skin is more prone to irritations and cuts, even with an electric shaver.

Flaky, dry, sensitive skin is becoming more pliable, improving cell repair and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

When you shave, if your skin isn’t properly hydrated or elastic because of improper nutrition, it will have scars and imperfections.

How to Use Pre-shave Oil with an electric shaver:

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Know how to use pre-shave oil with these tips:

  • Prepare your skin and hair by showering, applying a hot towel, or splashing warm water on your face.
  • For a smoother shave, massage some pre-shave oil between your hands.
  • Apply oil and cream evenly to the area of your face that is to be shaved.

It is crucial to break down three steps to get the best shave.

Proper Facial Hair Prep:

Before shaving, it is critical to get the skin prepped. Apply a pre-shave oil on dry skin to avoid irritation.

There are three ways to prepare your face for shaving:

  1. Bring a generous shower for a few minutes.
  2. Use a great, wet towel to your face for one minute.
  3. Sprinkle a liberal dose of friendly moisture to your look.

When you do one or more of the steps above, shaving will be less irritating for your face and more manageable for you to do.

The Correct Amount of Pre-shave Oil:

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Apply a dime-sized amount of product to an area. You may need to adjust depending on the size of the shaved area.

Ensure your face is wet before applying shaving cream to avoid razor burn.

Critical steps to prepping your skin for a close shave

Signs of Dry Skin:

You should moisturize your skin after shaving to prevent it from becoming too dry -If pre-shave oils or creams don’t absorb your skin quickly, you’ll have to add additional products. But once you are finished shaving, you will also want to apply an aftershave balm because your skin is too dry.

Overapplication Should be Avoided:

If your face is getting oily, you might be using too much. Oversaturating your skin with pre-shave oil can lead to clogged pores and waste. Avoid dripping oil by applying less than you usually do.

A Quick Note on Pre-shave Creams:

Not all pre-shave treatments are oil-based, but they are all created to hydrate the skin. A popular product, Proraso Pre-shave Cream, is an excellent example of such a treatment. Proraso is thicker than you might be used to and should be scooped out with your finger. The recommended starting amount is one fingertip’s worth.

What razor techniques can pre-shave oil be employed with?

  • Double Edge Safety Razors
  • Straight Razors
  • Shavettes
  • Electric Shavers*
  • Cartridge Razors

First, make sure your electric shaver is labelled as “dry-shave only.” Using a pre-shave oil with it may cause the electric shaver to break.

What to do if you still have razor burn, acne, or inflammation after using pre-shave oil:

Although pre-shave oil is not a miracle worker and can’t grant you the closest shave, other steps can be taken to fix razor burn: making sure the blade is sharp or re-applying the product.

So, when it comes to private grooming, it’s essential to look into the best ways to deal with unwanted hair. Hopefully, you’ve found those on our site! And if you’re still looking for more information, come back and visit us often.

Pre-shave Lotion with an electric shaver:

Can You Use Shaving Oil With An Electric Shaver

Pre-shave Lotion: In search of the perfect pre-shave Lotion

You can shave with a regular pre-shave, but the alcohol content dries up skin oils and can be uncomfortable. Softening your whiskers and ensuring a smoother shave might make it worth it.

An Electric Razor:

An electric razor is a blade-less tool that people might get in the market. There are two different types of electric shavers.

1. Trimmers (Electric hair clippers).

Trimmers are meant for body and facial hair but not for a clean shave. This is because it does not cut through the hair at the skin level.

2. An Electric Razor:

For a close shave, we recommend a high-end foil shaver. To understand this explanation better, read the article on electric razors.

Shaving Electric:

Initially, I thought warming up water seemed time-consuming for a morning routine. I’ve since changed my mind.

What makes an excellent pre-shave oil?

Quality pre-shave oils will penetrate the skin and provide lasting moisture instead of drying out or leaving the skin feeling greasy. Furthermore, quality pre-shave oils will contain only natural ingredients that won’t cause irritations, allergies, or other painful reactions.

Truefitt & Hill pre-shave oil has a pleasant citrusy smell and is long-lasting. I find it works when I shave, with or without it.

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The shaves I get using the Gillette Sensor Excel are always closer and more comfortable. Other options are available, so feel free to choose the one that feels right for you.


In conclusion, you can use shaving oil with an electric shaver. Shaving oil can help protect your skin from razor blades and provide a closer shave. However, choosing an oil compatible with your shaver is important and testing it out on a small area first. With a little bit of trial and error, you should be able to find the perfect shaving oil for your needs.

We hope this article has helped clear up any confusion about whether you can use shaving oil with an electric shaver. The bottom line is that you can use shaving oil with an electric shaver! We think it’s a great idea. Shaving oil will help protect your skin from razor blades and provide a closer shave. So if you’re looking for a way to get a closer shave and to protect your skin, give shaving oil a try.

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