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With the advent of technological advancement, there are many new and innovative products in the market today, yet some of us still use traditional methods for shaving. An electric razor can save you time, energy, and money – it is known that electric razors are much faster than manual razors. And if you’re using an old-fashioned blade, it’s time to get a new one!

Use this guide to find out if you need to sharpen your electric razor. We’ll cover how sharpening an electric razor works, what it means for your blades, and why some people believe you don’t need to sharpen your blade.

Studies have shown that some electric shavers are equipped with instructions advising the user to sharpen the shaving blade regularly.

Do Electric Razor Need To Be Sharped:

A razor is just as useful as its edge. The definition of a razor is too thin hair. It accomplishes weight if you’re shaving body fur or facial hair. If you keep a light razor, you’ll stay nasty incidents.

More alarming, blunt razors not only fail at shaving hair correctly, but they also shave it dangerously, raising the possibility of self-damaging. This appeals to the seminal inquiry: how do I point my electric razor’s edges? Well, for starters, understand that you’ve arrived at the correct location.

Electric razors are great because they don’t need to be sharpened very often. Most of them come with self-sharpening features, but there are a few things you can do to keep them even sharper. Believe it or not, one of the best ways to do this is using toothpaste! Our guide below explains why this works so well.

Here are some suggestions to hone your razor:

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Even the most expensive electric razor will eventually lose its sharpness. A dull razor blade is just as dangerous as it is useless.

Interestingly, electric razor blades won’t get dull, per se. Over time, the blades’ edges oxidize, disrupting the cutting performance.

To grind your electric razor, you must polish off the oxidization from the microscopic pores of the edges. You will need something moderately abrasive for the job, like fine sandpaper.

Did you understand that you can hone your rotary razor blades? Unfortunately, this only works for rotary shavers – there’s no way to sharpen foil shavers. When the foil and cutter on a foil shaver wear out, you must replace them.

Sharpening a rotary razor doesn’t mean that the blade will last forever – eventually, the metal will wear out, and the sharpening won’t work anymore. However, if your electric razor is less than a year old and in good condition, you can follow the steps below to sharpen the blades.

Sharpening with Toothpaste:

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Yes, it’s true! Toothpaste can help to clean off the rust from the edges of a razor blade and protect your screen. Create specific to utilize traditional toothpaste and not one of those flowery styles with microcrystals.

Toothpaste includes just the suited piece of determination to obtain the job accomplished. This process is only applicable for wet/dry cordless electric razors.

If you want to avoid getting electrocuted, don’t use this method with a corded razor.

If you have a cordless waterproof electric razor, follow the steps below.

1st step:

  • A small cleaning brush.
  • Regular toothpaste.
  • Hot water.

Step 2:

Before you can move on to sharpening your electric razor, you need to take it apart and give it a thorough clean. The loose hair, shaving foam, and dead skin cells that build up inside the shaving head can also affect the razor’s cutting ability.

Many electric wet/dry shavers have a switch on the side that, when engaged, will cause the blade and screen to come apart. Nevertheless, if your sample accomplishes not include this part, you can utilize a screwdriver to release the shaving lead.

Once you’ve taken your device apart, it’s time to clean the individual parts. You can accomplish this by cleaning them with a short meeting or a toothbrush under handling hot water. Once all the mud and dirt are reached, flush the legs off with hot wetness. Once they’re clean, you can reassemble your device and prepare for the next step.

You might wonder how to properly clean your electric razor if it can’t be disassembled. Don’t fret! All you must do is keep it down and utilize a brush to scrub away any hair trimmings and grime. Just make sure you’re using hot water, not boiling water. That’s all I’m saying!

Step 3:

This next part might get a little messy, so be careful. Grab a pea-sized amount of toothpaste in your hands and rub it gently onto the razor’s screen and blade. Push the razor head against your hand, carefully not to cut yourself, letting the toothpaste get into all the tiny spaces on the cutter.

Next, turn on your razor. The motion of the blades will automatically start to spread the toothpaste around the blade’s edges. Please keep it going until the razor is hot to the touch, then turn it off for a few seconds. Repeat this process 2-3 times, or more, if your razor is very dirty.

Step 4:

For the final process step, you will have to disassemble the blades from the cutter. To remove all the toothpaste, hold the edges under running hot water.

Before you put your razor back together, make sure to leave it out to air dry. If parts of the razor can’t be taken apart, use a washcloth with hot water to remove any toothpaste residue.

Please do a thorough job with the cleaning–even a tiny bit of toothpaste can clog up the blade and make it less effective at shaving.

Sharpening with a Sheet of Glass:

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People have been sharpening razor blades with glass since World War II. You can use any sheet of glass, such as a mirror. To do this, follow the same steps for disassembling and cleaning the blades.

Once everything is washed up and set out, you’ll like to do the pursuing:

Step 1:

Assuming you have three cutting heads on your razor, you will want to sharpen them one by one. Don’t try to point to all three of them simultaneously.

To sharpen each cutter, remove it from the razor. Place it on a glass sheet, and press it down with your fingers. Make a figure 8 motion with it, repeating the motion at least 50 times for each cutter.

The pressure should be high at the beginning and light towards the end. You can add a few drops of water to the glass sheet to help the cutter glide quickly.

Please do this for all three cutters and put them back on the housing.

Step 2:

A few bubbles of baby oil or mineral oil can help support your electric razor’s moving parts functioning smoothly. You can also use a lubrication spray for a less messy experience. Periodic lubrication is essential to keep your electric razor functioning optimally in the long run.

Step 3:

Reassemble the shaving head and turn it on/off a couple of times to evenly distribute the oil inside the cutters. And voila! Your razor is restored to its glory!

Sharpening with Oil Stone:

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Oil stones are a great option if you’re looking for a more traditional sharpening method. Oil stones are a fine-grained stone that not only sharpens blades but also polishes them, giving dull blades a brand new appearance.

An oil stone is a great way to sharpen your electric razor. All you need to do is remove the shaving head and clean it as instructed. The natural lubrication of the oil stone will help keep your blades sharp.

Now take one blade and run it along the stone surface multiple times until the edges look shiny. Pro tip: To avoid over-sharpening, minutely observe the blade edges. Stop the process when the edges feel smooth and look shiny. For the final touch, oil the blades and, put them back, tighten the screws. Rotate the razor on and off for several moments to review if it’s performing all good.


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Electric razor blades will eventually become dull after 12-18 months of use. The lifespan of your razor blades depends on the density and texture of your hair and how often you shave. Replacing razor blades can be a costly expense, but it’s something that you have to do regularly to maintain a close shave.

Supervision will go a long way in maintaining your shaving device at the top of its game. Here’s a short rundown of everything you ought to do to assist your razor retain its sharpness:

-Use a sharpening stone to hone the blade regularly

  • Avoid letting the razor rust by storing it in a dry place
  • Keep the edge clean by rinsing it with warm water after each use

Your electric razor will last longer and give you a more suitable shave if you wash it with sizzling water after every service. Use a little brush to clean the razor leader at least once weekly. If you keep coarse hair, you may require to wash it double a week.

Disinfect the edge now and then by washing them in isopropyl liquor. A fast spritz of a disinfectant mist will do the scheme as nicely.

Lubricate your cutting heads regularly with mineral oil, baby oil, or clipper blade oil to keep them from becoming dull. Nevertheless, please don’t exaggerate it, as oil will considerably block the razor.

If you’re looking to get the cleanest shave possible, you’ll want to invest in a razor with self-sharpening blades. These blades are arranged so they rub against each other when cutting. This resulting friction helps to keep the edge sharp.

Even the best self-sharpening blades will need replacing after a couple of years. But they will stay sharp significantly longer than standard electric razors.


In conclusion, electric razors don’t need to be sharpened because they have a built-in mechanism that keeps the blades sharp. This benefits both men and women as there’s one less item to stress around when it arrives to keep your arrival.

Electric razors are also convenient because they can be used in wet or dry conditions and are relatively inexpensive. Whether you’re a man or woman or looking for an easy way to shave, an electric razor is worth considering.

While electric razors don’t need to be sharpened like traditional razors, they require maintenance to keep them performing at their best. Be sure to clean your razor regularly and replace the blades when necessary. With just a little care, your electric razor will give you a close, comfortable shave for years to come. Thanks for reading!

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