Does Shaving Make You Look Younger? – Guide 2022

As we bring more seniors, we all like to look younger. There are countless products available that promise to do only that. Now there is a new product on the market that is slightly different. It might not work for enhancing your looks, but it could make you look younger by just shaving.

Everyone wants to look young, but there is no sure-fire way. However, shaving is a great way to look younger, and what’s more, it is effortless. This blog will look at the different ways that shaving can make you look younger and how you can use them.

Does Shaving Make You Look Younger?

Does Shaving Make You Look Younger 2

TLDR: Facial hair is the best way to make your appearance seem older. Trimmed facial hair ages you by three years, but a beard will age you by ten years and by a terrible 20 years for a moustache! We expect this guidance will be helpful.

Fact! Santa Clause is just a 35-year-old man suffering from the look of premature ageing. He covers it well with a long, flowing snowy beard and flying reindeer but h,e’s closer to being in his 80s than being a young, spry fellow.

His odd appearance is no wonder considering how he spends his time – jostling himself around the globe on Christmas Eve, trying to fit in as many visits to homes of good boys and girls as possible before finally ending up at the North Pole or other undisclosed location for dinner and presents with his deer herd.

Does Shaving Age Your Face?

Does Shaving Make You Look Younger

Shaving does have its downsides because it can leave skin susceptible to infections and rashes, but it certainly has its benefits when you’re talking about how shaving leaves the face feeling fresh and smooth. Unsurprisingly, a healthy lifestyle and diet contribute to people having even softer skin.

This technique is about removing facial hair with a straight razor. When used daily (they recommend at least once), the emollient action helps collagen production and maximizes moisturizer absorption.

The model Rachel Hunter mentioned that the application of sugar is not just about exfoliating the skin. It helps with the benefits of other beauty products into your skin and also is especially good at giving your skin a softer, shinier look.


A safety razor is an ideal method to scrub dead cells from the face since this help opens clogged pores and eliminate blemishes. This, in turn, gives you good-looking skin with a soft texture. Using such methods helps reduce oil production, acne, and pigmentation.

Blood circulation is the lifeblood of the human body. More blood delivered to a specific area can improve overall healing and tissue repair. This, in turn, prevents premature ageing of the body and helps slow down wrinkles.

Truth! A close shave makes one appear younger. A recent British study published in the journal Behavioral Ecology suggests that facial hair ages one by ten years if unshaven.

Another thorough study shows that a long beard adds five years, while a moustache or goatee adds three. Even a light stubble addition age you by two. It also increases the appearance of your jawline as well.


Shaving using a cream, gel, or lotion with soapy ingredients might expedite ageing and damage your skin. It is an alkaline detergent that manipulates your skin’s natural acidity to soften the hair. However, one can neglect its adverse effects compared to its benefits, such as giving a clean finish and making the skin smooth and healthy.

Unlike in the past, when men mainly did shaving, nowadays, one can find women around almost any corner of their neighbourhood who partake in this activity.

So Is shaving anti-ageing?

Shaving may not be considered an anti-ageing measure, but it’s wise to incorporate it into any skincare routine. It shaves years off of your appearance and cleanses the skin in preparation for anti-ageing products and creams that come later on!

How Does Age Change Your Face?

Ageing is a gradual process. It’s generally due to the natural shortening of telomeres that occurs as your cells replicate. We must brush our teeth daily because our enamel rips with each replication. As you age, other signs of ageing begin to pop up like wrinkles and grey hairs, and eventually, some organs start to slow in their working capacities.

Collagen and elastin are like Botox for your face. They maintain your skin, hold it flexible, and give it a bright look.

The skin loses its elasticity as we age because collagen and elastin fibres weaken. This means skin tends to be thinner, drier, and more sensitive to nicks and cuts.

Shaving for older adults is a bummer. They are at an increased risk of having ingrown hairs and irritation on sensitive skin.

Does Shaving Reduce Wrinkles?

Does Shaving Make You Look Younger 1

Still, shaving can help you fight wrinkles from surfacing as early as possible, but it won’t affect the signs of ageing that are already visible to the naked eye. For instance, shaving is a waste of time for those who want to trick people into thinking their skin has smoothed out – it won’t!

Some people like to compare shaving to the fact that women have fewer lines. The truth is men’s skin is thicker than women’s, and the hormonal setup also plays a part in this.

How Can I Make My Face Look Younger?

Commit to a clean shave. If you can’t live without a beard, keep it short on both sides and long on the bottom. This will make you look younger by an average of three years, according to AlixPartners’ 2017 North American Beard & Moustache Trends Report.

Get rid of unwanted hair. It would be best if you manscaped the areas on your body that grow out of control. Tame the long strands in your eyebrows, pluck them with a pair of tweezers or trim them using scissors.

Ask your barber to trim your hair or do it yourself using a nose trimmer for the rest of your body; you have plenty of options. You can use wax for total neck and body hair removal, shave it or leave the hair unshaved.

Use a shaver (For Beard Trimming), or at the very least, avoid ponytails. A completely bald head is your best bet if you have male pattern baldness or a receding hairline–and anybody beginning to lose their hair would do well with either of these.

In my opinion, however, it’s best not to use products designed for this purpose since they may require a long-term commitment, and once you stop using them, the results will disappear anyway!

No matter what type of hair you have, having some grey can be a beautiful thing. However, if you don’t like the greys and prefer that they blend in better, use a colour-replenishing service to make the strands look almost pitch black.

Natural skin care products will help keep your energy levels high and prevent premature skin ageing. Natural oils that are safe and effective without causing any side effects should be available from stores.

Ingredients like jojoba, sweet almond, and argan oils should be included in homemade skincare products since they contain natural nutrients that make the skin firm, supple, and soft to the touch.

Shaving is an antiquated practice developed during primitive times and is still used in the military. Go for professional derma planning instead, which uses exfoliation principles to give your face a refreshed look by removing your uncomfortable hairs more efficiently. It also effectively eliminates wispy facial hair (vellus hair).

Wear sunscreen every day and make sure to moisturize thoroughly. Those are two ways you can keep your skin elastic and youthful for as long as possible.

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Q. Can A Beard Make You Look Younger?

A. Indeed. Although beards are popular now, science says they can make you look older. Keeping your face clean shaven is more youthful. If you still prefer facial hair, keep the sides of your beard close shaved or have a nice long moustache.

Q. Does Stubble Make You Look Older?

A. Stubble makes you look older. A study found that facial hair can add 3 years to a man's age and this was confirmed by a separate study.

Q. Why Do I Look Weird After Shaving My Mustache?

A. If you notice a change in your appearance after shaving your facial hair, you're far from alone. Above your upper lip is one of the most sensitive parts of the body! Not only can it inflame when you shave your mustache, but it could make your face look years younger. 
When you're at an event and people ask about what happened to make you look so young all of a sudden, these are some things to tell them : )


In this blog post, we have looked at how shaving can make you look younger and how you can use it to do just that. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog and that you might be able to use some of these strategies to look younger.

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