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The shaver is one of the essential grooming tools that are used by men today. It keeps the hair on the face and neck in check. To avoid clogging the blades, some shavers must be cleaned from Time to Time. This article will look into a few ways How To Clean Electric Shaver Blades.

An electric razor operates very much like a manual razor. It has a head with a series of blades angled to glide smoothly over your face, whiskers, and neck. It is because of these features that you get a smooth shave.

This is why you will always find electric razors sold with a cleaning system. The best electric razor should have a self-cleaning system that will clean and then sterilize the edges of the razor. It is always a must.

First, you May Need For How To Clean Electric Shaver Blades:


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When it comes to cleaning your shaving tools, you have to use the correct type of soap. Liquid soap and wetness will perform adequately if you wash a watertight electric razor. Though if you’re grooming clippers, trimmers, or a non-waterproof razor, you’ll require to utilize the fountain cleanser we say down.

A bristle brush:

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A bristle brush is vital for removing small pieces of hair that can fall in between blades and make a razor less fresh and functioning. Most electric razors and clippers come with a small plastic brush for this, but an old toothbrush works fine if you misplace it.

Blade lubricant:

There are a lot of things that you need to do to keep your razor blades sharp and in good working condition. One of those things is to support you, the cutting union greased. Most razors arrive with a little bottle of oil that choice do you nicely for a lengthy period, but if you’ve failed or operated up that bottle, there are many alternate possibilities.

Spray cleaner:

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When cleaning your non-waterproof razor, you’ll want to ensure you have a good spray cleaner. Shaver Saver is a favored option, but Anthony DeAngelis, head stylist, and co-owner of Blue&Black Barbershop in Brooklyn, New York, suggests Andis Cool Care Plus.

How much time does it take to long clean it:

Taking just a few minutes to regularly clean your electric razor or trimmer will save you from many discomforts. Otherwise, you may experience some pulling or pain while shaving. DeAngelis warns that it’s essential to make cleaning your razor or trimmer a part of your routine to avoid any issues.

A pleasingly-maintained razor will last prolonged and deliver a closer, more comfortable shave. Be sure to clean your razor after every use to prevent rust and bacteria build-up.

Clean out the inside hair:

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Removing any bits of hair from the cutting block for electric razors is essential before using them with most razors. That suggests pulling the foil surface (or extending the character if you own a rotary shaver) and lightly dusting off any trash you find.

If your razor is watertight, you can close the shaving partnership, place the foil over the edges, and run it underneath some dampness. Use a tiny quantity of liquid soap to the cutting textures, and then run the razor for about 15 moments before flushing it out. Once you’ve completed rinsing, release the league and allow all the parts to air-dry until dry.

Electric Razor:

If you don’t have a waterproof razor, it’s essential to make sure that you clean the foils and blades regularly. DeAngelis recommends using Andis Cool Care Plus for this purpose.

These sprays are designed to clean and disinfect the shaver without getting wet. The fountains go through a thin film of lubricating grease on the edges, but adding fat on the borders is still a helpful method.

Before you put your shaver back together, make sure it is scorched.

Lubricate the blades:

After you clean your blades, replacing the oil on them is just as important. DeAngelis states that maintaining your knives in top shape is to count a fall of oil after per benefit. Doing this will extend the life of your blades and keep them working at their best.

Applying a drop of oil to each cutting surface of your shaver can help keep it running smoothly. Just add a drop or two of oil and run the shaver for 20 seconds to spread it around. Then utilize a piece of towel to release any extra oil.

Cleaning clippers or trimmers are equal, while DeAngelis suggests spurt cleansers rather than moistening your clippers or trimmers. Dust off the edges as you would with the electric razor, spritz the boundaries with a jet cleanser, and let dehydrate and count a decline of oil later.

Tips for Cleaning your electric raZOR:

  • If you’re worried about using an electric razor in the shower, don’t be. There’s an easy workaround – use a dry brush.
  • You can use compressed air to blast out any hair that might be trapped. This is a great way to get rid of hair without using chemicals.
  • To clean your shaver’s blades or foils, use a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol.
  • Every Time you shave, it’s essential to clean your razor. Not only accomplishes this support extend the energy of your razor, but it also guarantees that your shave is clean.
  • Before you disinfect your razor, use a brush to loosen any debris that is caught. This will ensure that your razor is clean and free of harmful bacteria.

When should YOU replace electric shaver blades?

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Rotary blades and shaving foils work tirelessly to keep your face fuzz-free. However, over time this will inevitably lead to a dulling of the edges and sometimes even the integrity of the shaving foils. There are a few key signs that will let you know when the cutting mechanism is beginning to falter:


If you’re noticing that your shaver isn’t as close as it used to be, it’s probably because the blades have become dull. If you have to pass it over the same area multiple times or press harder onto your skin, it’s Time for new blades.

The cutting mechanism may feel hotter than usual during shaving. This increased heat is due to wear and tear on the blades and foils, which causes excess friction as they rub together.

Hairs are being pulled out instead of cut. One telltale sign that you need to replace the cutting block on your razor is when you start feeling hairs pulled and tugged while shaving.

As your electric shaver shows signs of wear and tear, it may take longer to get a close shave. This can happen for some reasons, including how often you shave, the thickness of your facial hair, your shaving technique, how well you clean your shaver, and the initial quality of the cutting mechanism.

If you start to notice these things happening, it may be time to replace the cutting parts of your electric shaver.

Manufacturers might say that you only need to change your electric razor’s blades and foils every 12 to 18 months, but you might have to replace them sooner. Get into the habit of regularly examining your blades and foil to spot any wear before it becomes a bigger problem.

When purchasing new cutting parts for your shaver, it is essential to remember that they can be expensive. Replacement blades will be a good investment if you have a high-end shaver. However, if your electric shaver is budget or mid-range, you might be better off buying a new one. Here you find the Best Electric shavers For every situation and every use.


ThIfou’re ready to learn how to clean electric shaver blades. , this post is for youIt’s Time to get rid of the gunk and get your shaver working as well as it did the day you bought it. This post is all about how to clean electric shaver blades, but we also tell you about the best electric shavers for men, so this post is excellent for anyone looking to learn about both topics.

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