How To Cut Hair With Scissors And Comb – Easily 2022

Haircutting is a technique that enables us to groom our hair and create new hairstyles properly. Haircutting is often done with the help of scissors and a comb. This article teaches you how to cut hair with scissors and a comb.

This blog will show you how to cut your hair with a comb and scissors. If you are wondering how to cut your hair, this is the right place to get your answers.
The article shows you how to cut hair step by step.

How To Cut Hair With Scissors And Comb

How To Cut Hair With Scissors And Comb

The scissors-over-comb design is one of stylists’ numerous continually used methods. Knowledge of this skill is essential for crafting many hairstyles for both men and women, especially for shorter hair. It gives a stylish greater accuracy when cutting the hair, letting them track the hair near without having to exaggerate.

Scissors are often used to achieve a softer and more relaxed hairstyle. It has sharp edges, which allow for more intricate shapes if desired. Rockstars might choose this haircut to achieve a hairstyle that tapered into the rest of their hair after certain areas were cut at a diagonal angle or shaped into a curved cross-section.

The comb is just as important to the hairstyle as the scissors are in this technique, and stylists use it to lift the hair while they cut it. Combing or brushing hair can be a technique you learn in our NVQ2 course.

How to Use the Scissor over Comb Technique:

How To Cut Hair With Scissors And Comb

To begin a scissor-over comb haircut, remove bulk from the top portion of the haircut by sectioning off and removing it with a set of shears. Stand to the left or right of the person receiving the haircut so that you have better visibility of their head.

It’s best to cut hair when it’s damp because this is when it holds its shape best. Also, ensure your hands are dry, so your fingers won’t slip while wielding your clippers.

To create even, smooth stroking with the shears, hold the comb in your non-dominant hand and one end of the hair you want to cut in your dominant hand. Cut pieces close to the length of the comb, keeping your shear blades at a right angle to each other as they move through the section of hair.

Be consistent with achieving shearing that’s as seamless as possible. Sometimes you cut close to the comb’s teeth – but you don’t want to touch them! In these instances, it makes sense for both blades in a pair of stylish scissors to taper together seamlessly toward the ends so that cuts are always evenly balanced.

Once you have cut the first section, comb around the hairline to lift as many loose hairs for each area of the haircut (ponytail) with your chopstick/comb.

Remember, when you lift several different sections off at once, it will be easier to use your comb or chopstick and comb through all of them at the same angle and distance from the scalp.

Side Parting:

How To Cut Hair With Scissors And Comb

Don’t you love classic movies like Downton Abbey and Mad Men? We watch them for the plot and dialogue, but I think most women especially like watching the hairstyles portrayed throughout the shows.

Yes, there are always a lot of wigs involved – but never enough to hide that some of those styles are trendy today. Take, for example, the side part hairstyle; it’s one of my husband’s favorite vintage hairstyles.

Men today can achieve this popular look with just a bit of length on top and hair product to keep it slicked to one side. The side parting epitomizes old-fashioned elegance when done correctly, taking only minutes to complete.

And whether you choose to slick your hair down or let it fall loose, you will look instantly dapper!

Getting the Look:

How To Cut Hair With Scissors And Comb

A classic side part is the easiest way to achieve a brilliant, clean, and sharply groomed cut any day of the week. Even more important is that you can wear it in any situation, formal or informal, because of its no-nonsense look, which makes it practical for all occasions.

For those who want a slightly more polished version of an old-school style, we recommend blow-drying hair first and then taking a narrow-tooth styling comb and running it through the part to create an even deeper line by using medium pressure whilst slowly guiding the comb behind your ear.

Be sure not to overdo this step as a well-defined side part should be natural looking despite being very simple to do.

Are you looking for a fresh and stylish look? Use some wax or pomade to help keep your hair in place. Glossy pomade will give you a slick and shiny vintage look, while you can choose a molding cream for a matte finish.

Be sure to evenly distribute the products throughout the hair to help remove flatness from any stubborn areas that may need it most.

You can then comb your hair to one side of your choice, creating a neat and even part.

Pull the rest of your hair in the direction of preference to create this style — some prefer diagonal orientations since they offset the side part, while others pull their hair straight back or down toward one side.

Styling Tips for Side Parting:

  • Side-parted hairstyles are ideal for those who want to wear short hair at the sides and longer on top. Leaving the sides more straightforward than the rest of your hair allows you to part it on either side or slick your hair back when you don’t need a side-parted look.
  • The 1960s are a vintage classic, so it’s easy to get old-school pin-up looks with thick locks that are brushed up towards the side of the parting. Mousse is recommended for creating volume at the roots before blow-drying all of your hair forwards and to one side. Once you’ve dried, place a final layer of wax or shine gloss that should finish things off.
  • To create a contrast possible for the most daring, androgynous look, hair on the sides can be long and full in contrast to the short, slicked backsides as is done by Kaya Scodelario in her 2014 appearance at BBC Music Awards.

Tools to Use:

How To Cut Hair With Scissors And Comb

Although one needs to use a clipper and comb while doing this haircutting technique, the size of the clipper and comb may vary depending on the haircut. A large-tooth clipper comb is better suited for controlling larger volumes of hair.

If using this technique to finish off a blended short haircut like a flat top, a smaller-toothed clipper comb can be used. The more pleasing teeth will be better suited for picking up hair closer to the scalp.

To polish off any loose strands or flyaway hairs, one may opt for a precision trimmer or finishing comb, which helps ensure that your haircut looks more polished and professional overall once you’ve followed through with those last few touches to tidy everything up!

Tips for Success:

  • To avoid horizontal lines from forming in the cut, it’s best to move quickly when performing this technique. If you don’t go fast enough, your haircut may become uneven due to hesitation or carelessness.
  • You should ensure not to hesitate or talk to your client as you perform this haircutting technique. Doing so tends to make it harder for both parties involved to get on the same page about their desired outcome.

Your client might ask for something you don’t understand or, conversely, will be expecting a specific response from you, which may seem counterintuitive if left unexplained beforehand.

  • Longer shears are best for this technique and should be used over shorter ones. Scissor blades get in your way when making vertical cuts. This allows for choppiness or even crossing over hair strands when completed without experience.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about different haircutting techniques. So what are you waiting for? If you would like to learn more about the other methods we can teach you, why not book a place on our NVQ2 course today? We are always looking to gain new students, so why not join us in the next few weeks and see if you have what it takes to become a professional stylist?

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