How To Cut Long Hair With Clippers – Safely 2022

Lots of men don’t know how to cut long hair with clippers. The most significant advantage of having long hair can also be a disadvantage. If you don’t know how to cut it correctly, your hair can be damaged and look messy. Long hair can be a hassle and get in the way of your life. Fortunately, you can easily take care of this problem by using a few clippers.

Whether cutting your hair or someone else’s hair, you will need a pair of clippers. Clippers are not hard to use and can give a nice clean finish to any hairstyle.

The right pair of clippers can make all the difference regarding cutting hair. Different tools are going to be necessary for different hairstyles. This blog will look at basic clipper types and the ones you should use for different hairstyles.

How To Cut Long Hair With Clippers:

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So your hair is getting long, and you’ve finally come out of hiding. With the resurgence of your old stylist, you might be thinking about a change again, but with a new variant of your virus going around, you may feel more cautious than ever before. Finding an appointment may also be challenging.

Even the best stylists won’t advise you to get too close with scissors because hair is much more challenging to cut than it looks. But don’t be afraid! Like people come in different shapes, sizes, and tastes, so do haircuts. Everyone wants to try a new haircut at least once, and this guide should provide a foundation for starting.

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Do You Need a Cut?

Changing your look is a way of reinventing yourself if you’re feeling tired of being the same old you.

There are many avenues you can approach, but many also make mistakes while they try to do something new with their style and appearance.

Additionally, the stylist I interviewed encouraged me that it’s tough to give yourself bangs at home because even those trained in doing so still end up with botched haircuts after numerous attempts to provide themselves with bangs (blogs like Buzzfeed steeped on such videos).

There are so many ways to tweak your hair even more! If you’re dying to switch it up and try out a new look, we have some options for you. Here are a few temporary hair changes that can get you where you want to go:

Gear You May Need to Cut

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A sharper edge helps prevent your hair from fluffing out at the ends or moving around too much while you trim. If you plan on doing any precision cutting, consider opting for a pair of scissors with a pointy blade so that instead of just taking off chunks of hair, it can give an even level throughout your entire head.

Man’s Best Hair Stuff for Short Hair (Hair Clippers) If you’re growing out your hair, it might be tricky to find a hair clipper kit that provides everything you need. This is a good starter pack with bare grooming essentials and styling tools. Should dyeing be on your list of things to do soon? Check out these basics too!

Keep These Tips in Mind

Ask for help: Cutting hair at home may not be the best idea. Barbers and stylists have experience in knowing when enough is enough and can often do a better job than most people. Ask someone to help you trim your hair evenly or decide when enough is enough.

If you decide to cut their hair in the mirror, make sure that you have multiple mirrors so that you can see different angles of yourself and maybe even catch a glimpse of how others think it looks (AKA solicit opinions).

Should you choose to dye your hair, take into account the texture of your hair beforehand. Hair made mainly of one fibre may be difficult to stain evenly and stick out when the roots begin growing. In some cases, curly hair is easier to maintain between colours due to its springy texture allowing it to bounce right back.

Start small: Have you ever used a magnifying glass to burn little insects that land on your arm? Most of us have. The same principle applies to product development. You can always take off more, but there’s no going back once you’ve removed too much code from your project. It may help to step away for a few hours before you reassess the structure.

Avoid horizontal lines: Keep These Tips in Mindo, don’t create a disorganized look: It’s a common mistake among those who try to cut their hair at home, but it often looks very messy and confusing.

Make sure you aren’t randomly cutting away – keep your cuts even at the bottom, so everything gets cut evenly instead of getting hacked off in different lengths.

Often making horizontal lines is helpful for you to determine where you should begin cutting, just like our writing instructions say if you’re not feeling too keen on slitting vertically, then do diagonal ones instead.

Remember that these diagonal or horizontal lines are meant only as guides to help you! Make sure to carefully inspect what you’ve just cut by looking in the mirror once you’re done.

How to Trim Your Hair

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When trimming your hair, be conservative. Focus on getting rid of split ends—don’t try to restyle it completely. If you are unsure how short you should go, you can always wait and book an appointment with your favourite hairstylist once you’re fully vaccinated and they have time to see you. The ABA offers some great suggestions on trimming your hair like:

  1. Wash and condition your hair, then let it dry entirely because hair shrinks as it dries. This way, you’re less likely to take off too much while styling. Work out any tangles with a brush before getting started. If your hair is unruly, you can mist it with water but not saturate it; otherwise, that could weigh down the style and make matters worse in the long run.
  2. Make sure you have your trimmers and a comb handy. Utilize clips to help coalition your hair into effortless features. Snip with the ends of the trimmers rather than with the entire length of the blade.
  3. Wearing a robe (or an old towel) and having a nice hot bath can put you in the right state of mind to tackle things.

Pick your guard

For an excellent finish and to cut down on the time it takes to cut one’s hair, it is essential during your haircut to ask your stylist whether they are using five hair guards or up to 8, said Sergio Boy of Defined Culture Hair Studio.

The higher the guard number means that less hair is taken off. In between haircuts, it can be beneficial to ask if a particular guard was used because all guards are the same across all brands – e.g., 0 would be No. 1 on all brands and so on for the remaining numbers.

When cutting at home, it’s best to use just one guard for your first cut until you gain confidence, said, Boy. “Using only one distance from the beginning rides on how greatly one likes their hair short or extended,” he said, “but we advise people to utilize one distance until they feel glad for better.

Be conservative as you go:

Once you have your method and hairline, start with a more oversized guard and take your time as you go. You can still change to more miniature surveillance if you jumped off also great.

Remember that the longer the initial cut, the better – there’s nothing worse than cutting away too much of your length because it would need to grow out anyway! But when in doubt?

Follow our advice: “The best trick is to start longer than the length you want. You can always cut more and go shorter — you can’t put hair back on.”

Follow the advice below that best applies to your hair:

For Long Hair:

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Divide your hair into sections and clip them off to hold onto while you take care of everything else. Lay the area you brought forward back down in place, and slowly check the length of your hair to see how much you need to cut off.

Cut one or two inches (about a half-inch or maybe an inch or two each depending on what kind of style you want). After cutting, trim off any excess frayed edges, so it blends in better with the rest of the hair. Watch this video for more detailed instructions.

For Short Hair:

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Short hair can help someone with damp locks – especially if they tend to get frizzy at the first touch of moisture. We suggest having a friend or stylist do your hair for you.

But always be careful when giving someone else the shears to work with your locks. Your best bet is to start at one side and cut all around your head – as though it were a pie chart.

Make sure not to forget the ears when doing a short style like this, which can be tricky even if you’re working with scissors, so make manual guides out of combs to avoid cutting yourself. This video is a good tutorial for a classic shortcut using scissors (this one even features an Amazon Influenster Tester).

These short haircutting tutorials (1 and 2) will help you learn the best way to cut your hair. You can also consider using this self-haircutting kit if you find it helpful.

For Curly Hair:

The type of trim you’ll want depends on your curl type. For looser 2A to 3B curls, you can use this tutorial from Meg of CurlyFries, which has tighter but more defined curls, to show you how progressive thinning can be faster and the final result fuller.

When it comes to natural hair, one should take extra caution when styling your twist. These hairstyles can grow quite quickly if they aren’t adequately taken care of, so keep that in mind!

Depending on your hair texture and type, you may want to find a tutorial tailored to your desired result. YouTube is your friend. Be patient with your curls, as they can often be temperamental! Remember that curly hair has a mind of its own, so be sure to work on a small section at a time.


This blog has given you a lot of great tips on how to cut hair with clippers. You can use this information to cut your hair or someone else’s. The number one thing to remember is to practice.

When you practice, you will learn how to cut the hair in the way that you want it to turn out. Get some practice cutting your hair, and soon, you will be able to cut hair on someone else.

Thank you for reading this blog on how to cut long hair with clippers! We hope that you found the information in this blog helpful. If you’re looking for more details on clippers or are interested in learning more about hair clippers, don’t hesitate to contact us at _. We would love to hear from you!

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