How to Remove Pubic Hair Permanently At Home – Safely 2022

Let’s take a look at how to remove pubic hair permanently at home from your and that area in general!

Removing pubic hair at home is something that a lot of people would like to do but are a little nervous about. It’s also something of a taboo subject as well! We are all taught that public hair is dirty and should be removed, but shaving or waxing can be expensive and painful.

You can follow the two methods that are outlined in this blog which are both formulated to be safe, effective, and cheap! This blog is written from a female perspective but can also be used by males.

One of the most common conversation starters amongst women is how to remove pubic hair. Because the hair is thinner in the pubic region, and more concentrated, it’s some of the most difficult to remove.

Let’s start.

How to Remove Pubic Hair Permanently At Home:

Getting rid of your pubic hair is a personal preference, it’s not for any medical reasons or to keep things clean down there. In fact, keeping things neat allows sweat to simply evaporate away.

But in recent years we’ve seen the emergence of this worldwide trend among men, women, and those who identify as a third category altogether.

Whether they are shaving off the hair above their or, naturally or with the aid of an electric trimmer, it’s all suddenly become very popular! Some people opt to simply trim just the hair around their genitals while others take it one step further by also removing everything from their, testicles and thighs. Either way works for us!

How to remove it permanently:

There’s plenty you can try at home to shape or shave your pubic hair, but remember that none of them are permanent except for electrolysis. You might have heard of laser hair removal, which is one way to permanently remove body hair, but it’s a costly option.

Ladies, unless there is an underlying medical condition causing your hair loss, it will always grow back – even if you go through with the most invasive of treatments. Keeping this in mind, be ready to make pubic hair removal a routine if you plan on having a smooth look for any length of time.


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Shaving is a great way to get rid of hair, it just takes a little bit of practice to perfect the skill. Here are all of the supplies you need:

Using the same razor you use for the other areas of your body on your pubic region could potentially cause things to go wrong. When you don’t use a dedicated razor, you run the risk of suffering from ingrown hairs or razor bumps (which makes shaving down there even more painful).

I share some of the points you shave quickly and safely.

  • What does research show about the effect of disinfected razors?
  • Who knew that a seemingly harmless little plastic thing like a razor could be the cause of so much infection?
  • Choose a natural cream, moisturizer, or gel to lubricate the skin and reduce the chance of irritation or breakouts.
  • Hold the skin tight and shave slowly in the direction that which your hairs grow. This can help avoid cuts, bumps, or unwanted nicks.
  • The best way to make sure that your razor stays clean is to give it a good rinse after each use.


Like using a tweezer to pluck your eyebrows, butchering is a little more meticulous and painful than shaving, but it can be quicker and less messy if that’s what you need; otherwise, there are plenty of crafty ways to get the job done!

Slowly grab a few strands at the same time, and gently begin to pull out the hairs that you want to remove. Be careful while doing this so that you don’t injure your skin or hair follicle.

Keep your dedicated pubic hair tweezers clean and disinfected

Ensure that the place is nicely lit and check that the lighting of each lamp is even to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Hair tends to grow in one direction. Grasp the hair between two tweezer prongs and pull it out in this direction. Hold the skin tight with your free hand.

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This method is used for medical hair removal:

The benefits of electrolysis sessions are that they tend to last longer than other methods of hair removal like laser treatments, waxing, and tweezing because the origins of each hair follicle directly affect the strength, health, and throbbing pain associated with it at any given moment. Because electrolysis weakens or damages the root itself of each hair follicle through a direct charge to it as opposed to simply trimming or removing hairs one by one, the result is usually many longer-lasting results over time.

A good step is to find a few medical treatments that you think will work well for you such as those below.

Use the laser hair removal method:


Laser hair removal uses a narrow, intense beam of light that penetrates your skin to destroy the root of your unwanted hair, without harming the surrounding tissue in any way. It can be used on many different parts of the body like facial or chest hair, or even unwanted coarse or thick body and leg hair.

The hair needs to be exposed to the laser light for a few sessions before new growth is suppressed. Not all laser devices are approved by the FDA.

Public Hair removal with less pain:

No home hair removal method is free from pain, but some are much easier to handle than others. The intensity of the feeling you get can depend on your tolerance level – some may scream at the sensation of their hair coming out with wax strips, while others may not even feel anything during electrolysis.
Use electrolysis.

The electrolysis method of hair removal is similar to laser removal in that it utilizes radio frequencies, but unlike the laser epidermis, and therefore treats individual hair follicles. Unlike laser removal, this procedure can be effective for various skin types.

Advise what is treatment best for you:

If you have (Shaver For) sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid waxing, tweezing, depilatories, and laser or electrolysis. It may be too harsh for your skin, causing redness or fungal growth. Avoid lasers if possible. The best way to keep this area free from hair is to keep it trimmed and always wear a pair of comfortable underwear.

If you have dark skin or pale skin, you’ll also want to see a professional who uses tools or treatments that are suited for your melanin. Using treatments that aren’t meant for your skin color may not work and could potentially cause scarring or color changes that aren’t always treatable.


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It all comes down to personal preference. Some methods may be easier for you than others but there are several convenient, affordable, and long-lasting options if removal is your choice. An option that might work well for your situation is the Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer, which will keep things tidy in between grooming sessions.


Thanks for reading our article on how to remove pubic hair safely at home. We hope you found it helpful and that you now feel empowered to remove your pubic hair. If you have any questions or concerns about pubic hair removal, please feel free to comment on this blog or contact us anytime at _. We will be more than happy to get back to you.

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