How To Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery (Safely)

It is quite a popular question about how to shave pubic hair before delivery. You can find numerous videos and other instructions on how to do it.

But we think that all of these posts are incorrect, or maybe they are just inappropriate in this particular case. It would be best if you did it right side up, so it is not better to do it yourself.

Are you wondering how to shave your pubic hair? Well, this blog is all about it. We will go through the steps, where, and what tools to use. My goal is to educate new moms and make the process easier.

How To Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery?

How To Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery

It can get pretty uncomfortable if someone tries to peer up your skirt. It’s even more discomfiting when it happens because of a purely medical reason – I often forget that my gynaecologist will do an internal exam.

And like most women who are very particular about maintaining their “down there,” I was uncomfortable when this happened for the first time, and bikini waxes were not on my mind anymore.

Yes, pregnancy did take me by surprise. It brought with it plenty of body changes as well as morning sickness, bouts of insomnia, and other symptoms, but after some early-on discomfort during every appointment – in addition to feeling like my bits were being scrutinized – it became a little easier over time to get used to them down there.

Even my doctor couldn’t care less whether I cleaned the house. But I wouldn’t say I liked the idea of things happening in my private parts, even if it was what happens to millions of women during childbirth every day.

So a few months before my due date, I went on a cleaning rampage and only slowed down when things got too messy for me to handle.

Here are some cleaning methods to consider:

Bikini Wax:

How To Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery

Waxing: Many people are surprised that some obstetricians advise against waxing during pregnancy.

They do so because of possible adverse side effects, including infection and allergic reactions.

These reactions could include breakouts, inflammation, itching, and skin problems. Plus, if done improperly, waxing can cause open pores or cause the hair to grow in abnormal directions, causing irritation or bumps during intercourse.

Of course, shaving or using hair removal creams are great options for waxing, but it is evident that they’re not as good in most cases.

Shaving can be uncomfortable and often leaves at least some stubble behind.

On the other hand, hair removal creams also leave items potentially more susceptible to growing back than if one were to wax their bikini line.

What You Must Know

Unless your Ob/GYN specifies, bikini polishes are secure during incubation. Try to avoid it closer to your due date and engage the services of a reputed salon/experienced expert.

Also, avoid do-it-at-home waxing procedures as they may be unsafe during pregnancy, and extensive research hasn’t been conducted yet.

Topical Creams/Depilatories:

How To Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery

Depilatories live extremely famous with an extensive range of women. These products make it easy for you to eliminate unwanted body hair without waiting weeks for hair growth to cease.

Most products work in as little as ten minutes, and the good ones leave your skin smooth and blemish-free afterwards! Check out Veet.

What You Must Know

Many believe the absorption of chemicals from creams into the skin can harm their baby. However, to date, no study confirms this claim.

An Ob-gyn can be an invaluable resource for anyone amid a unique project. You may be trying to avoid exposure to irritating fumes and chemicals or to maintain your safety from harm.

A doctor will always suggest that you avoid exposure if possible, but they will also let you know how to proceed if you need the removal of a fetus. Always let your healthcare provider know what you’re up to so they can get you on the right path!

Newer studies show that it is not the chemicals themselves but instead inhaling the pungent smells coming from the chemicals that could irritate.

Always do a patch test before you commit to complete removal.

And to be doubly safe, get an OK from your Ob/ Gyn if you’re using this method because they know your specific medical history and can advise whether or not you should use this particular remedy.

Waxing your pubic hair should be a painless, photo-friendly process that doesn’t involve an audience. You know the drill.

Smoothing out your skin, generously apply the wax in the direction where you want your hairs to grow back later on, and let it sit until it hardens before pulling said hairs off swiftly.


This is the multiple-choice practice embraced by doctors and midwives before training a woman for delivery.

If you have total hair growth over your privates before delivery, you should get someone to shave all areas – this will allow your doctor or midwife to confirm that there aren’t any issues present with your genital area at the start of labour.

It’s best to do it 48 hours before going to the hospital for the hair follicles on your * to be fully shaved and ready for labour to take place when it does.

Shaving is entirely pain-free and is safe unless done clumsily to cause scratches and cuts. Some men are allergic to shaving cream, so it’s best to try it a single time before the big day.


How To Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery

Many women I know prefer not to go bald, but if you’re looking for a tidy look with few ingrown hairs or open pores, trimming can result in a clean and pleasant feeling!

Enthusiastic about trimming your pubic hair? Plucking is the less aggressive way to get a manicure. But take precautions when doing so, as using a pair of blunt-tipped trimming scissors can cause minor cuts, and you need to keep them clean in warm, soapy water.

Also, some women claim that trimming makes the growth thicker, but it’s all baseless!

Things you must not ignore.

Many prefer the touch of their midwife or nurse when shaving them after giving birth. Talk to your doctor and ask what they think would be best in terms of shaving method and time frame while at the same time remaining open to all options.

Before shaving your beard, use an antiseptic solution to clean the areas that will be shaved. This removes bacteria and helps eliminate the risks of infection.

After using the antiseptic solution, apply a gel or a foam (preferably a lubricating one) to your face so that the razor doesn’t get stuck in tangled hairs. Use a warm cloth to soften your whiskers before shaving them off.

Many would say it is unnecessary:

And I respect your thought, but, especially for medical reasons, many doctors in India will clean you up before you go in for delivery.

It is done before any delivery simply to reduce the chances of infection​ to both mother and baby. There is no evidence that this practice reduces embarrassment or makes you feel cleaner.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to shave your pubic hair before delivery. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your fantastic body and have the confidence to know that you are always looking your best. To learn more, please get in touch with us anytime at _. Thank you for reading; we are always excited to help people with topics like this!

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