How To Shave Pubic Hair For Guys (Easily & Safely)

This particular blog is one of the recent blogs, and I would like to take a moment to discuss how it was pulled off. As I was reading other blogs by my fellow students, I realized that some of the blogs are very witty, while others are more focused on being more informative.

As such, to be more unique, I wanted to create something more satirical, so I decided to create a blog that was more on the funny side. As such, I decided to create a blog on how to shave pubic hair for guys. I won’t bring into also many facts regarding how to.

There are many reasons why you may have to shave your pubic hair (is healthy?), for example: for a medical procedure, for a personal hygiene regimen, or if you have an order to do so. But, how do you go about shaving your pubic hair? This blog will explain the steps involved in shaving your pubic hair.

Shower before you start:

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It goes without saying: before you shave hair off of your body, make sure you’re in the right place – and we mean that figuratively as well as literally. The bathroom is the perfect venue to get this job done. But if you can’t be in a safe environment, try to at least find an open enough space that would otherwise allow for as little disturbance of others who might be around as possible.

Softening your pubic hair with warm water can make shaving easier and reduce the risk of cuts and bumps resulting from pulling too hard on the skin (your razor won’t glide as easily over the pubic area, especially when it’s covered in hair) while keeping you clean and preventing future folliculitis.

Trim first, shave later:

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If you are a beginner in the world of pubic grooming, then it’s likely that your nether regions can be a bit unruly and uneven. Your first concern is to trim it down to a manageable length so it means you’re only really using a razor or disposable razor to finish off the job.

Trim your bush the right way by using an electric trimmer (with a guard) or trim with scissors if you don’t have any. Start firmly at the bottom of your crotch and go up in short lines until everything is even or as close to it as possible.

Using different settings on your trimmers will help keep your pubes tidied at all times and you won’t be startled when someone sees you naked (because there will be no hair!).

Hail to damp hair, and create it more comfortable to shave:

If you do not use female razors then come on ladies, you are wasting your time. Get to the store and pick yourself up a razor that’s designed for women. One other important thing, just like shaving all areas of the body, make sure to shave in the direction that which the hair grows. This will result in the closest shave possible!

Trimming your hair at the beginning of your shower will make it much quicker to clean up any mess left behind. Hair collects near the drain and if you have long hair, using a drain-cleaner brush to remove the excess is a good idea. You can also just wash it down with water and soap by flushing it with the showerhead.

Apply shave gel generously:

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A close shave is a secret to any well-groomed gentleman. You can achieve the closest possible shave in the genital area by using a high-quality shaving gel that contains hydrating and revitalizing factors to calm delicate skin without compromising on your shaving needs.

This will add an extra layer of protection that slows hair growth and makes cutting it easier as well as reduces any burn or itchiness post-shave. This can be achieved with a shave gel specifically designed for sensitive skin.

These come at different prices but make sure you get one with quality ingredients and hydrants such as aloe vera or witch hazel, which are both great for the skin but also help cool down redness from irritation.

Check for Dull Blades:

Blades that have become dull or lubrication strips that have expired will not give your skin the comfortable shave it deserves and should be switched out as soon as possible to ensure a convenient experience.

If you plan to shave in the shower, it is advisable to check your blades before getting into the shower because nobody wants to get themselves out of the shower more than once just for making one small mistake.

Razor blades make all the difference when it comes to shaving. Your experience will be smoother and more comfortable if your blade is sharpened regularly. The sharper your blade, the closer you can get without irritation or tugging on your hair. A dull blade also increases your risk of injury.

Shave with caution:

This is where it gets serious. Before anything else, make sure your razor blades are fresh and clean. Dull blades can cause nicks, cuts, skin irritation, and all sorts of things that you don’t want around that region. Use a specialized, durable razor (like the Hydro 5 Body Razor) to shave your body hair – and make sure to use it just for this purpose alone and not anything else!

Carefully pull the skin on your upper leg as tight as you possibly can for a closer shave. The blade should drag smoothly across your skin using short, gentle strokes and you will need to rinse the blade frequently in between strokes to avoid dragging hairs out of the follicle instead of cutting them.

If care is taken and no unnecessary pressure is used, then shaving should be relatively pain-free even without the use of special razors (though we recommend a PFB Vanish Shave Gel anyways).

Rinse Your Blades Often:

Always rinse after you shave your face with warm water. This will remove excess hair and shaving cream, which could otherwise clog the blades. Do not press hard on your razor against a washcloth or the sink because you may dull your blade prematurely. If you do this, replace your blade more frequently.

Pull Your Skin Taut:

One way to prevent razor burn and nicks while shaving your groin area is to shave shortly after your shower. Hot water opens up follicles and softens hair. If you shower at night, you can shave in the morning before you go about your day, leaving time for any redness or irritation to dry up. And always remember to pull the loose skin around your groin skin taut.

Moisturise, and moisturize again:

You should treat your shaven skin with care by applying a soothing balm or lotion to the area. Rinse off any excess shaving foam before applying the product to avoid irritation. Use the product on your pubic region immediately after shaving and leave it on for a minimum of 2 minutes.

This will allow your skin to fully bask in all the nourishing ingredients that will quickly replenish depleted nutrients as well as provide extreme comfort and relief from razor burn or ingrown hairs. We do not recommend you shave directly after using a post-shave treatment, let your light genital skin replenish its natural moisture by leaving it alone for at least an hour before you lather up again.


So, there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to shave pubic hair for guys. I wish this piece has been helpful and instructive. If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We’re still willing to assist with any queries you may own.

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