How To Trim Your Pubic Hair For Guys With Scissors (Safely)

Men can get trimming the hair around their genitals. The hair on their buttocks is removed, too. Trimming pubic hair makes men more hygienic and reduces the spread of venereal diseases. There are two ways to trim pubic hair for men. Most men prefer to trim their pubic hair with scissors or an electric trimmer.

Our body is a very private thing for a lot of people which is why it can be very awkward to talk about private grooming. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not comfortable having you watch me pluck my beard, trim my eyebrows, or anything else I do with my private parts.

Pubic hair on a woman is a thing of beauty; on a man, it’s a potential source of embarrassment. Trimming your pubic hair is not difficult, you just have to know how. This blog will show men how to trim their pubic hair with a pair of scissors.

How To Trim Your Pubic Hair For Guys With Scissors:

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To keep the groin area clean-shaven, or to see what it would feel like if the whole body were shaved bare? That is the eternal question that has plagued man from time immemorial.

Today we’re going to back and hone in on a quick guide on how to trim your pubic hair using scissors! It doesn’t matter what style of pubes you’re going for (or trying to avoid giving yourself for that matter!) – there’s no harm in trimming.

When it comes right down to it, there are several benefits to shaving pubic hair, especially when done regularly.

We all know that the most annoying thing about shaving is stubble – and not just when it grows back by the next day either! Stubble is something we all want to avoid. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, it’s a constant irritation. And what better way to manage these irritating hairs than with scissors?

In the past, pubic hair removal was a much-maligned practice. In many armpit regions, it still is. But today the act is less of a taboo, and the rate of hairless folks has increased exponentially.

This can be attributed to personal grooming preferences or varying societal expectations and pressures but once you’re ready to remove hair down there or anywhere else an epilator is available, it may be helpful to know some tricks of this now-accepted trade.

decorate your Pubic Hair With Men with Scissors

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Clean your tools:

When it comes to your grooming tools, be sure you have one set aside just for your more sensitive bits.

The rest of your body is a little more forgiving than this delicate area because as you shave or trim back there, you’ll inevitably deal with pink skin down there long after it has been snipped or shorn – pulling up and irritating whatever fresh skin is being exposed.

Before each use, be sure to soak all grooming implements in a disinfectant such as Barbicide for at least ten minutes before each time they come into contact with these delicate areas.

Cut extra hair before you shave, body, or clean:

If your whopper of a beard or mustache is getting overwhelming and out of hand, cut the hair to about a quarter-inch size. This step will help direct the path of your razor – and prevent clogs which can be disastrous, especially during times when you need to get ready in a rush.

The new length will also give you more clarity with regards to shaving direction and make it easier for you to no longer feel like such a bearded gong show.

Bathe before grooming:

Start with a clean base. It’s important to wash your pubic region thoroughly with soap and water in the bath or shower before taking up any hair-removal methods.

Whether you prefer the hairiest look possible or something a little more subtle, you can always help prolong your stubble by using care products of choice and making sure that your skin is clean to prevent bacteria from building.


Before shaving, gently scrub the area you’re planning to shave with a loofah or body scrub to remove dead skin and clear out any pores. Doing so will aid in preventing ingrown hairs in addition to ensuring your razor/shaver glides across the surface unhindered!

Lather up:

You must make sure that your skin is well moisturized before shaving. This will allow you to minimize the chances of experiencing any friction and in turn, minimize ingrown hairs or razor burn. You can use shaving cream or gel to easily see where you’re just shaved and avoid going over an area twice if you’re prone to irritation.

Shave or cut in the movement of hair development:

And what would be a shave without the actual razor? Choosing the right razor, one with quality blades, can help you get the most out of your shave—without irritation. You’ll get a smoother result if you go with the flow, or rather choose a tool that’s designed to best match your hair type and skin. Knowing your options will help you find that perfect pair!

Take your time and use caution:

A hasty hack job could result in a nasty cut or even a trip to the ER. A 2017 study discovered that nearly 25% of public hair primpers have injured themselves. Sitting on dry tub edges can help reduce the risk of slipping.

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A Comb-And-Scissor Cleanup:

There are many approaches to making garments. You can use fleece and cut it down according to your preferences, comb, and scissors will offer a suitable way to make the fabric into something that you like.


Facial hair scissors are specially designed to trim and groom body hair, such as pubic trimmings. One popular brand is The Personal Trimmer by Marcia Teixeira. Note: Because facial hair scissors have rounded ends, they’re a safer option for pubic grooming than using regular scissors.

Cutting your pubic hair with a comb and scissors may seem so simple that you wonder if you should use anything but an outdated regular comb.

The reality is that a fine-toothed comb is going to give you much more consistent results than relying on those old standard combs. Chances are, many of the pubic hairs will not get caught in a fine-toothed comb because the teeth are thinner.

And therefore, there’s less risk of damaging that part of your body. Furthermore, this tool goes right above where you want to trim so it reduces the chance of overshooting or cutting too far into your private areas by simply following this straight line guide.

Should I Reach Full Bush Or Cut The Lawn?

Although there are many modern uses for pubic hair, we can likely trace its original purpose of it back to apes (that are our closest genetic relatives after all)! As Bobby Buka states, who lives as a dermatologist and a supporter of the committee of directors of First Aid Beauty (which happens to be a skincare bar), phrases”Pubic hair is the vestigial hair from our daylight as apes.”

These days you can do as you please. If “Keep it all” is your style, proceed by trimming the excess hair on your body, and don’t worry about shaving more than necessary. However, if you prefer to shave some excess hair off your body – that’s perfectly alright! Just remember to maintain proper health habits for scrubbing up and shaving to keep the skin healthy!


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