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Most of us have seen a callus, that thick skin that sometimes grows on the bottoms of our feet, knees, and hands. We might even have one or two on our own feet. It’s such a common phenomenon that it’s an accepted fact that calluses form to help protect us from rubbing or pressure. They’re created by rugged skin cells that die, stick together, and harden. How To Use A Callus Shaver On Foot.

But that’s far too simplistic a view of these unsightly patches of skin. Why would you use a callus shaver? A callus shaver helps help remove dead skin cells. It can treat rough, thick skin on the feet, hands, elbows, knees, and other body parts. A callus shaver or scissor-like device can shave or cut away a callus on any body part.

According to an American Academy of Dermatology investigation, calluses are one of the most common foot care problems, with about 50% of people worldwide having calluses.

It can be a frustrating issue. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to remove calluses, from using a pumice stone to a chemical peel. One of the most common is a callus shaver.

How To Use A Callus Shaver On Feet:

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1. Prepare Your Skin The Night Before:

To start, it’s best to exfoliate some time before using an electric callus remover properly; as dermatologist Dana Lobkova of Pacific Dermaceuticals and Skin Care Centre pointed out, If there is very rough skin on your feet with or without cracks.

I would advise exfoliating overnight before using the electric callus remover properly. It’s also a good idea to exfoliate your calluses a few times a week. For that, you can use a pumice stone, which is what she recommends.

The key is to first soften the mildewed skin with a bath. One made from nothing but Epsom salt and warm water is best. Then massage it with moisturizer for five or 10 minutes to soften the old hard skin. It would help if you washed off the lotion before going to sleep. So as not to get it on your sheets (or other people who may be sleeping alongside you.

She recommends using a product that contains urea as an active ingredient. It’s been shown to help separate dead skin from healthy skin. It was making the callus removal process more accessible. Apply it generously after bathing and put on a pair of white cotton socks to trap moisture.

Preparing the Callus Shaver:

Before you begin using the callus shaver, the razor blade may be installed during initial use. But some callus shavers will require that it be attached manually first. It is essential always to use a clean and sharp blade for best results when removing calluses.

It would help if you always had plenty of replacement callus shaver blades to ensure uninterrupted operation throughout use. Live sure to return to the rim as shortly as it starts to bring light. So that it does not affect your skin at all once you start shaving with it.

2. Soak Your Feet:

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The next day. Before you start filing, put on a pair of thick socks and walk around in them for half an hour. Doing so will soften hard skin before you get started. Then go to bed with your socks still on.

To conclude, use a pumice stone to scrape off the top layer of hardened skin the following day before showering or bathing. Before you start filing, soak your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Dr. Morgan Covington M.D. A dermatologist at Westlake Dermatology. Recommends soaking the affected area to help soften the callus and enable more accessible filing.

3. Manual File:

Also, live mindful not to wash again energetically or induce despair. That’s a sign that you’ve gone too deep and are removing fresh skin. A manual callus file choice permits you to influence how considerably force is used on your skin. States Covington.

It’ll also keep the area from drying out or becoming irritated if you want to try it in the bath or shower. Candy suggests applying minimal lotion or oil to the desired location before treating it.

Since most are made from plastic (so you don’t want it to get too slippery), you can then gently scrub the affected area using a back-and-forth motion for one to two minutes until the dead skin begins flaking off.

4. Electric File:

The electric callus remover uses a coarse roller head that spins while simultaneously exfoliating your skin. To use it correctly. It would be best to allow your feet to dry before entirely removing the callus. Alternatively, the product can be used when wet. This will help to remove any dead skin cells at once and allow for quick removal. Again, you’ll notice a plume of dead skin cells coming off, which is oddly satisfying.

If you still prefer using a manual callus remover, then here are some tips that might help ease up using it: “The cornified skin, or dead skin, should be cleaned off, and what’s left behind should be the smooth and healthy skin you sought in the first place.

This usually takes quite a bit of applying sufficient pressure for an adequate amount of time. So ensure you follow each instruction included with whatever it is you’re removing calluses. It would probably also be helpful to remove only one at a time.

5. Check The Callus:

Once you have picked out one or two calluses, you want to eliminate them. Use a pumice stone or even a callus shaver. When using these products, it may seem as though you are picking at your feet. When, in fact, you can be taking care of one callus in one session without having to suffer. Throughout the entire ordeal for people. Who doesn’t usually do this quite often? If you strip away a small portion of your callus. The rest will replenish itself in the upcoming weeks.

“The purpose exists to skin off the whole callus in one session,” Covington says. “Instead, you should expect to see your skin thin out over time.” How frequently one should file their nails will depend on how often their hands come into contact with water or chemicals (think washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom).

Which may dry out the skin of your hands. On the other hand. Filing your nails too often can be just as damaging.

The best thing to do is to file about once a week. Use a nail file and pumice stone in the shower daily. This will help prevent over-accumulation of dead skin cells on your hands and keep your cuticles soft so they don’t rip themselves off.

To prevent over-accumulation of dead skin. Most people only have to exfoliate once or twice a week at most. “If you’re touching your face a lot. Then you’ll have to file more often,” she says. That said. It’s also essential for all of us to use a pumice stone in the shower every single day because we don’t want dead skin building up under our feet.

Using the Callus Shaver:

Begin by gently gliding the callus shaver over the dry. Thin layers of hard skin to remove it. Smooth out any rough areas on your skin using a callus rasp (the dead, wild places will be much smaller after using the shaver!).

Apply Ahava Mineral Foot Cream to your feet to make them feel soothed and moisturized. Be sure you have thoroughly read and understood the manufacturer’s directions. To avoid injury when using a callus shaver, remove any objects that may cause you to jump suddenly, such as losing personal items on the floor.

If you find that you have cut yourself accidentally, immediately clean and wash the area or consult with a medical professional if the bleeding does not stop or it becomes infected. Make sure to avoid any hair removal cream or shaver that is not meant for this type of product.

Just because something works for one person does not mean it will work for another. Suppose an injury occurs during the use of your callus removers as a result of incorrectly following directions. Ensure you get immediate care and follow all instructions carefully with your doctor. To spare further incident.

6. Rinse & Dry Feet:

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If you use a manual shaver, give your feet a quick rinse if you shave with an electric shaver. Pat dries gently buff skin with a mildly abrasive scrub [or get ready to brace yourself] to remove dead skin debris and smooth out any bumps or imperfections if you feel your face is smooth.

Pick up your glasses and take a closer look. Suppose you don’t have drinks on hand. Examine yourself in the window’s reflection after it rains or checks out how your face looks when water beads are on your bathroom mirror. Was it tender? Are there any prickly hairs that poke through at the surface?

7. Apply Moisturiser:

Once finished filing. Lobkova recommends applying a lotion that contains ceramides to restore your skin’s natural lipid levels, aka natural fats that coat the skin’s surfaces for protection and hydration. Such as the Eucerin moisturizing cream.

Choosing a Callus Shaver

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Though there are many different callus shavers, they all use the same design. The device’s handle resembles a pen and is topped with a razor blade held in place by two pieces of metal. And most models are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting and improve the product’s lifespan. Tweezerman is a trusted brand name that manufactures excellent callus shavers.


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