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I’m not a doctor, but I have seen my fair share of skincare misconceptions. We live in a society obsessed with cleanliness, which is probably why we have so many people convinced to shave their faces. However, there are many reasons you should never shave your face, as shown in this article—shaving My Face Ruined My Life.

I used to shave every day and was not too fond of it. I would shave despite the pain and aggravation, but then I stopped caring about all that. But I was still shaving, even though I didn’t care about it anymore! The weirdest part is that when I stopped shaving for good, my skin improved.

I was shaving my face so that I could have a clean shave. But then I find out that my life is ruined.

Shaving My Face Ruined My Life:

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Razors can exfoliate your skin, making it easier for makeup to go on. If a celebrity does it, then is it worth trying?

Kate Sommerville says many celebrities are shaving their faces, but she won’t tell who. Men have been shaving their faces for various reasons going back generations.

Common beauty lore says that women should shave their facial hair, which dates back to ancient celebrities such as Cleopatra. New trends became popular with Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, and now women are trying to improve their makeup by achieving better skin through shaving.

I learned shaving my face could ruin my skin:

A user recently reports experiencing increased beard growth in the lower regions of her neck. The hair is dark and coarse, making the user self-conscious.

I keep exposed skin that can be effortlessly scratched. I thought that shaving would have been a gentler, less painful option to exfoliate my face.

For my trial run, I wanted to keep myself in the dark and see how it would go without prior knowledge of the technique. I replaced the head on my standard Harry’s razor and rinsed the blades before using it. Laying around was a shaving cream/lotion combo that my fiance used.

After looking closely at my facial hair, I shaved my cheeks, chin, jawline, and upper lip. But I couldn’t risk using the razor for my eyebrows, so I decided not to use it anywhere on my forehead.

I used shaving cream and lotion to shave the flattest parts of my face:

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I was scared of using a razor blade because I have acne that leaves large bumps on my face, especially on my cheeks. I slowly moved the knife and didn’t accidentally injure myself or knick any of the spots as they would add another scar. After finishing up, I gained more confidence and continued with the rest of my shave.

It is hard to return to my old routine of only shaving once a week. After trying this mixture, I was surprised by how much hair and dead skin came off my face. The work already done was enough for two weeks’ worth of shaves.

It was a little uncomfortable, especially right where my lower ear is located. I never thought I had as much facial hair as the amount of skin the shaver removed, so I was stunned.

I used warm water to rinse my face and moisturizer. You can also apply more skin cream on the areas you just shaved.

How shaving can affect the makeup:

Shaving My Face Ruined My Life

I applied my makeup the same way I usually would, and I noticed that it seemed easier to move my brush. After finishing, I saw no hairs or dead skin that got stuck in the meeting.

Typically, my makeup lasts through the entire day. However, my makeup no longer lasted as long or was smooth after shaving. After a few hours, it began to fade and become patchy in the spots I shaved.

I used makeup and started noticing bumps on my face:

Once I got home, I washed my face and saw a rash-like spot around my mouth and chin. They are out of the ordinary for me to have facial rashes, so I was worried.

After doing some panicked research, I found blogger Brye Ashley. She had a bad experience with shaving her face, but her skin was even worse than my acne issues, which were scarring.

Manuela was using shaving cream for her facial hair, but for some reason, her bumps appeared a few days later. She applied hydrocortisone to see if that would help, but it didn’t.

Without taking his eyes off the video game, my fiance tells me that you can’t even see the bumps on my arm.

Although the smoothness of my skin from shaving results in a lovely complexion, the bumps were enough for me to say goodbye to this method. Since I noticed that my makeup application was less practical, I’ll get a facial peel next time.

It is recommended to test a patch of skin first before shaving your face. You may experience reactions with shaves, such as incorrect skin reactions or side effects. It is always recommended to talk to a dermatologist if you have any questions or issues in the process of shaving.

What is the right path to shave your facade?

Shaving My Face Ruined My Life

A clean, new facial razor is the best way to shave your face. You should also purchase bulk because you want to toss each blade after use.

A new facial razor is the best way to shave your face, and you should buy them in bulk because you should toss each blade after use.

Is shaving good for your face?

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There is no health benefit to shaving your face compared to the medical benefits of having professional dermaplaning. Shaving removes the top layer of facial hair but does not offer more than that.

Will my hair grow back thicker after shaving?

Shaving My Face Ruined My Life

Dermaplaning does not grow hair thicker or darker. There is a close resemblance between the wispy feeling of unshaven hair and that of clean-shaven hair as it starts to grow back.

This “myth is still alive” is because people mistake this difference in texture between unshaven and clean-shaven hairs with dermaplaning. It is more about what you feel and see, not what happens to your hair.


I hope this article explains why shaving your face can be harmful. It was a harrowing experience that left my skin feeling raw and irritated. I would not recommend it to anyone, and if you decide to shave your face, I suggest using a very sharp razor and being very careful not to cut yourself.

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